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Please note that if there are no Cairns currently listed on this page, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any being rescued. Often dogs come in to us very fast and are re-homed immediately to people on our lists.
If we have no current dogs in rescue this page will display a selection of stories and pictures of Cairns who have recently been adopted.
We are also happy to display on this page Cairns who are in the care of other dog rescue organisations. If you wish to use this facility, please get in touch with our Facebook administrator here.

Cairns in Need of a New Home

There are no Cairns in rescue at the moment.  If you are interested in adopting from CTRF,

please contact the trustee who is nearest to your home,  bookmark this website and if you are a member of

Facebook, like our page.

News of recently rescued Cairns


Thirteen year old Torquil needed a new home due to his owner passing away. Helen our Trustee had the perfect couple on her wait list so we didn’t need to advertise him.

He has been in kennels since July when his owner was first taken ill along with Chloe also a Cairn. Sadly Chloe passed away last week due to illness so he’s had a bad time of it lately. He was very well looked after and much loved in the kennels but he really needed a home to call his own.

He was safely taken to his new home today in the countryside, following the recommended Covid guidelines. He will be on the usual one month trial. We wish him well in his new home. Be happy Torquil

The photographs on the right are of the kennel staff saying goodbye and Torquil meeting his new owners.

* Posted 14th October 2020.


Hope – update 3rd September 2020:

Here is a welcome update from Hope’s new family:

“That’s us into the fourth week with Hope and we feel she has settled well and now used to a routine with us.

We keep her downstairs at night in the room you were in.  Did let her upstairs into our bedroom but she was not happy there as wanted to be in the bed.  

Couldn’t jump it’s height, didn’t give up like our last dog and was too upset and agitated. Only other problem is that she won’t sleep in her own bed and insists on the sofa.   

Anyway we don’t mind it that much and will try to get her into her own bed but she’s a stubborn wee thing.   

We are no longer getting startled when she jumps onto the top back of the settee.  She’s either dozing between us or up on the top.  Did find she’d  peed a few times during the first week but we’ve now got a routine that stopped that.  Not a happy bunny being put out at night before we leave her.  She takes the more peaceful protest method of a limp body, non participating, not meeting your eye, leave me alone, I’m very comfortable as I am approaching.   

Now beginning though, very grudgingly gives in.   

Never heard her bark until one day she startled us, launched herself through the air off the back of the settee, snarling, barking, charged at the back door to find our son had arrived unannounced.  That over, then licked him to death. That’s when we decided she considered it HER home. 

She loves her walks and get her out twice a day.  We notice her age more then as now more a leisurely lady who just loves to explore sniff and then continue exploring and sniffing.  Absolutely loves meeting other dogs and people who usually say what a lovely youngster.  We think perhaps she maybe  did not get as much exercise lately with the last owners changed circumstances and now we feel she’s building that up a bit.  

Derek was used to adjusting to Ranna as she slowed down and keeps an eye and judges how far to let her go.  Often take her away in the car and she absolutely loves being taken out and is like an excited pup as we try and give her another walk in new surroundings.   

Adjusted her food to more a twice a day feed and changed her dry feed to a smaller senior kibble as we thought she was having trouble with the size of dry feed she came with and now add a more normal senior wet feed. We’ve been giving her the dreaded dog cleaning chews and her teeth are not quite such a worry now as they’ve gone from brown to a more normal colour.  Not so concerned about the heart murmur as she’s very agile and just gets on with it.  Since the weather has cooled and the humidity has dropped she is much happier and livelier.  Still working on the dry skin with the special shampoo but it’s much better. 

Follows Derek around absolutely everywhere he goes which annoys him a lot but she’s gradually training him to accept it.   

Did get startled the first time he was showering to see her the other side of the dripping shower screen glass lying on the bath matt waiting him coming out.  Then to add insult to injury started to drink the last of the water disappearing down the plug hole as he dried himself. Thinks he’s the best cook in the world and tries to stay close to him to steal his culinary secrets. 

Hope is a happy wee loving dog and the rest of our family and we are very fond of her.  All she wants is to be fed and have stimulating sniffing walks and a constant routine and company.  She’s definitely elderly but young in heart and mind and happy to be with anyone who can give her that. 

As you have no doubt gathered we are both smitten with her and are only too happy to give her a home.  

No doubt you will have some paperwork to sort out but we’ll wait to hear from you.  

All the best 

Sheena, Derek and Hope.

PS  She thinks Pets at Home is a wonderful place to visit with low shelves specially adapted for a Cairn to stretch out flat with legs straight out backwards to wriggle under and retrieve biscuits.”

We thank Hope’s new family for sending us this heartwarming account and wish them all the best for their future together.


Hope – update 10th August 2020:

Hope has gone to her new home on the usual 1 months trial.  Here she is,  meeting her new family (bottom picture on the right).

Hope – 8th August 2020:

Hope is an elderly lady in her ‘teens’ – she was previously rehomed so we are not sure of her exact age. Her owners are unable to give her the time and tlc she needs so have asked if we can find somebody willing to give her cuddles and company and love!
She has no known health issues and is fine with other dogs. She does not like cats! She is still energetic and able to get out for walks.

In view of her age, she needs to find a home – foster or permanent – in Scotland so she does not have to travel long distances. Any health issues will be covered by us the Cairn Rescue.

Some of the Cairns that we have rehomed can be seen on our Facebook page or on the website here.

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