Current Rescue Dogs

Please note that if there are no Cairns currently listed on this page, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any being rescued. Often dogs come in to us very fast and are re-homed immediately to people on our lists.
If we have no current dogs in rescue this page will display a selection of stories and pictures of Cairns who have recently been adopted.
We are also happy to display on this page Cairns who are in the care of other dog rescue organisations. If you wish to use this facility, please get in touch with our Facebook administrator here.

Cairns in Need of a New Home

There are no Cairns in rescue at the moment.  If you are interested in adopting from CTRF,

please contact the trustee who is nearest to your home,  bookmark this website and if you are a member of

Facebook, like our page.

News of recently rescued Cairns


This is Teddy and he is 10 months old. Teddy came to us when his heartbroken mum wanted him to live his best life and that wasn’t to be with the already established family dogs and cats.

So she asked our trustee Chrissie, one of our trustees to find Teddy a new home with no cats or other dogs.

Teddy wasn’t advertised as his new mum was already on the waiting list.

A few days ago Teddy went to his new home where he can fulfill his ambition be the only one.

Happy new home little man.

* Posted 27th June 2020.

Some of the Cairns that we have rehomed can be seen on our Facebook page or on the website here.

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