Rescue Cairns

Thinking Of Giving A Home To A Rescue Cairn?

If you are interested in adopting a Cairn Terrier, we are always happy to discuss this and to give advice, especially if you are new to the breed. We would first advise you to contact the Trustee who is nearest to you.

Before applying to adopt a Cairn, prospective owners will need to read our Conditions for adoption and complete a questionnaire/application form.

This should be completed and returned by email to the relevant Trustee or to the Secretary. All applications are kept on file and as soon as a suitable Cairn becomes available you will be contacted. We try to match the dog to its new owner rather than have a waiting list. This is to maximise the potential for a successful adoption.

Giving a home to a rescue dog

Here are a few things to consider before applying for a rescue Cairn:

Do you have the time to look after a dog?
We would not rehome to someone who is out at work all day. Remember that this is an active breed and will require exercise e.g. twice daily walk. Free running is good but only if the dog has good recall and it is in a safe environment.

Do you have a secure garden?
Cairns are notorious diggers and it is not unusual for them to escape, particularly when they are in a new environment.

Have you considered the cost of keeping a dog e.g. food, veterinary bills?
Cairn Terrier Relief Fund will pay for neutering and if we have not been able to have this done prior to placement in the new home we will expect the adopter to have this done as soon as possible, and the fund will reimburse the cost of it. In the case of vaccinations we automatically have them vaccinated prior to placement, but again if it this hasnt been done prior to placement the Fund will pay for it. Subsequent vaccinations will be the responsibility of the new owner.

Children in your home?
Cairns often enjoy the company of children but we would not place a rescue Cairn in a home with any under five years old. Children must know how to treat & respect a dog that comes into your home.

Can you make arrangements for care of the dog when you go away on holiday?

The right Cairn for you, – can you be flexible?
Most people want young dogs or bitches, approximately two to three years old so if you can be more flexible, it will help us to place our Cairns more quickly. Some of our dogs have had problems in their past and require help and training to become happy, well-adjusted pets. In these cases, we have volunteers who are happy to help and give advice to new owners.

Older Cairns need rehoming too, can you help?
Elderly Cairns are usually harder to place, particularly those with health problems. We do pay veterinary fees for those that are over eight years old and bearing in mind that we have a long-lived breed, adopting an older Cairn can be rewarding. It is worth keeping an open mind about adopting an older Cairn and not to make too many assumptions. They are often less demanding than younger ones and may be more suitable for people who are not so active and require a quieter pet. That being said, it is often the case that seniors are good fun, like to play and enjoy their walks.

What to do if you can no longer care for your Cairn Terrier

First of all, CTRF would strongly urge you not to advertise your Cairn free to good home. It is known that disreputable people who promote dog fights will sometimes attempt to obtain free pets to use as bait to train their dogs. Very often they will take a child with them and give all the appearance of being caring owners. If your situation is such that you can no longer take care of your Cairn, please contact the Trustee nearest to you or the Secretary.

If you hear or know of a Cairn Terrier that is in need of rescue, is abandoned, or has been cruelly treated, as above please get in touch with the Trustee nearest to you or the Secretary.

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