A warning about allergies, particularly bee/wasp stings

Finn died almost 2 years ago.  His owner Lindsay  wanted to warn people in case you aren’t aware. Please share, if it saves just one dog your share will have been worth it.

“Finn was only six when we lost him – he suffered with allergies and unbeknown to me, he had been stung by a bee under his fluffy tail – This must have been tea time and it was a hot day in August and I didn’t realize that his panting and lethargy was him actually going into anaphylactic shock

He died at around 9 pm very suddenly.  I didn’t even know that dogs could get anaphylactic shock so I’m partly telling you so that you know if you didn’t already and can pass that on to others , particularly if their dogs suffer with any allergies.

You can save them if they get a big shot of adrenaline- but again unfortunately the symptoms are not as severe as in humans apparently- so worth knowing if it happens to your dog”



* Posted 8th June 2021

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