Trustee Information

The Cairn Terrier Relief Fund is administered by these Trustees who all work as volunteers for the charity. Each Trustee is a member of at least one of the recognised Cairn Terrier breed clubs, and all have considerable experience with and knowledge of the breed. There are 6 UK Cairn Terrier Breed Clubs, and all of them whole-heartedly support the Cairn Terrier Relief Fund. Each Club is allowed to have a maximum of three Trustees representing them & the Club Committee nominates them to become a Trustee. It is then the CTRF Board of Trustees decision to elect them. The election takes place at the Trustees Meeting, which is usually held in late spring each year.

Mary Towers – President.

Lives in Kent.Telephone: 01322 225191

Chris Hewitt – Chairman & Trustee

Telephone: 01689 828788. Email: Chris Hewitt

Susan Weinberger – Vice Chair & Trustee

Lives in Hertfordshire. Telephone: 01442 832990

Email: Susan Weinberger

Chris Roberts – Secretary & Trustee.

Lives in Staffordshire. Telephone: 01283 712498

Email: Chris Roberts

Anne Weaver – Trustee & Treasurer

Lives in Gloucestershire. Telephone: 01285 65478
Email: Anne Weaver

Helen Miller – Trustee

Lives in Edinburgh.Telephone: 0131 4494470
Email: Helen Miller

Wendy Laker – Trustee

Lives in West Sussex.Telephone: 02392 631114
Email: Wendy Laker

Margaret Forbes – Trustee

Lives in Northern Ireland. Telephone: 02838 332522

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