Paws A while Newsletter Autumn 2018

Paws A while Autumn Newsletter from

Clan Cairn (Scotland)

Clan Cairn (CTRF Scotland) has produced their brand new Newsletter which has been compiled and designed by Corra and Richard. They have have done a wonderful job giving it a new look, presentation, style and title.

Click here for the Paws A while Autumn Newsletter

Future: The Spring Newsletter will be in March/April 2019. It will have it’s own identity, which will be different again. We are in talks of producing it in a New Look Yearbook style. Phil Weir has some ideas that we will be very excited to learn about.

Do you want to be involved? Do you want to be on board with articles or items of news that will lead into the “Golden Year” for CTRF.

What do you think? Advertise – Features on Specials and Surprises for our Cairn Days (Scotland and England), Special Golden items – not to be missed – available at Cairn Days!? News from CTRF, News from our Judge (for Scotland).? Please let us know. Generally it would fit nicely to have something in the Spring as you have your Newsletter in the Autumn.

Watch this space!

Contact Corra Irwin (email: [email protected]) if you have anything you would like included in a Spring edition:

Clan Cairn also has it’s own Facebook Group – click here.

* Posted 2nd November 2018

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