Our New Homes 2021

Here are some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed in 2021.

Here is where we will showcase some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed in 2021. We wish them all the best of luck for their futures in their forever homes.


Update 31st December 2021:

Moose has recovered from his recent illness and his surgery is scheduled for next month. He will remain in foster care for the time being. We thank everyone who has enquired about him.

Update 19th December 2021:

Moose is currently in foster care with one of our supporters. Unfortunately he has been unwell and has been admitted to the veterinary hospital. We are very much hoping that he recovers and is well enough to undertake surgery.

Moose (16th December 2021): 

Moose needs help. He is a two and a half year old uncastrated male Cairn and is now looking for his 4th home.

He is a sick lad as he has been diagnosed with an Extrahepatic Liver Shunt and Pancreatic Insufficiency. His first owner found this out from the vet when Moose was approximately 8 months old and he has battled on ever since.

He was rehomed a couple of months ago, but his new owner has a female dog and Moose thinks he should mate her, the cushions and anything else that stands still long enough, so it’s felt that he should go to a home without other dogs and cats.

His owner has become ill again is unable to cope with him and has asked if we can find a home for him.

He will need an operation regarding the shunt and he will need to be neutered. He will need on going medication to support his pancreas and the Cairn Rescue have said they will pay for this and for the ongoing medication.

We know that Moose isn’t going to be an easy dog to rehome due to his health issues. He is a young dog, and has a lovely character and we feel that at his age he should be given a chance.

If anyone is interested in him please contact Chris Roberts by email [email protected] and she can let you have more details about him.

Surely he deserves a chance?

Leo and Ralf

Update on Leo and Ralf (15th January 2022):

We have a lovely update from Leo and Ralf:

“Ralf and Leo, who would like to remain anonymous, are pleased to announce that their new family have proved themselves to be up to scratch and so are staying put.” 

Good luck boys and may the treats keep coming.


Update on Leo and Ralf (20th December 2021):

Dictated by Ralf with interruptions from Leo:

“We had a ride in a Mo Car yesterday and we were VERY good boys and then we did meet some new hoomans who did make all sorts of soppy noises but made a BIG fuss of us.

We did like that a lot so we might stay here as long as the fud is up to scratch and the fussing continues.

Watch this space.

Luv from Ralf and Leo.”


Update on Leo and Ralf (16th December 2021):

Leo and Ralf are now reserved. Thank you to all who have enquired about them.

Please read the full text below before contacting CTRF.

Leo and Ralf, 8 month-old brothers are looking for a new home together through no fault of their own (family ill-health). They are currently in the Manchester area.

They have never been left more than a couple of hours, so will need someone around most of the time.

As expected, they are energetic, love their walks, people and get along well with other dogs but have never been around children.

They enjoy their food and are not fussy eaters.

They are up to date with vaccinations and worming.

Leo is carsick.

If you can offer Leo and Ralf a suitable home please contact our Trustee, John Francis on 07766 168869 or email [email protected]

Leo and Ralf in their new home:

Leo and Ralf:


Mia went to her new home yesterday. This was following a series of unfortunate incidents, none of which were her doing. Mia decided that enough was enough and she wanted to move to a home where her many fine attributes would be appreciated. Time to call the CTRF she thought.

As usual the CTRF sprung into action and found her what they hope will be her ideal home.

Time will tell and her new family have 4 weeks to make the requisite impression on her.

* Posted 3rd September 2021.


“Scruffy! What a name! I’m not scruffy, as you can see from my picture.

Anyway, my Dad hasn’t been very well so my hooman sister has been looking after me.

I didn’t like it much there as a pesky Jack Russell wouldn’t leave me alone and being 11 years old I like a bit of peace sometimes.

Anyway, after a call to the Cairn Rescue I’m now with my new Mum who fell in love with me straight away.

I think I’ll adopt her as she seems really nice and plays ball with me.

There’s some nonsense about 4 weeks but I don’t think I’ll need that long.

Wish my new Mum luck, I don’t need it – I’m sorted.”

* Posted 23rd August 2021.


Update on Albert (16th September 2021):

Here is an update from Albert himself.  As can be seen, he has definitely got his paws under the table.

“Hello again, you may remember that I recently had four weeks to assess whether the level of pampering and sheer adoration in my new home would meet my exacting standards. 

I’m pleased to report that the CTRF understood my varied requirements perfectly and I am staying where I am. 

Don’t tell my Mum but I’ve got her just where I want her. 

Love and cuddles to you all. 

Albert Cairn Esq.”  


Albert (22nd August 2021):

Hello everybody, I’m Albert and I’m 5 years old. I needed a new family to pander to my every need. Well, the good news is that the CTRF came to my aid.

I had a little ride in a Mo Car to a house which I have inspected thoroughly and seems to meet my exacting standards.

Fortunately I’m irresistible and here I am waiting for another treat. I’ve been told that I have 4 weeks to make up my mind. Watch this space.

* Posted 22nd August 2021


Tiger Lily has recently been rehomed by our trustee, Anne Weaver and is currently on the usual 4 week trial.

She can be a bit naughty at times but we’re hoping that she will soon settle down – fingers and paws crossed. Be a good girl in your new home Lily – no misbehaving.

Thank you to Anne for the photograph and update.

* Posted 10th August 2021


Update on Bertie (3rd November 2021):

We have received this update about Bertie, who came to CTRF in July 2021:

Bertie, (number 5) has arrived.  It all started back in 1998 when our first Cairn rescue arrived into our lives at the age of 9.  Ben chose us and started our love of Cairns.  Fast forward 23 years, Ben, Bobby, Charlie and Lola later, and so we have reached Bertie, our fifth Cairn rescue.

Bertie, it was suggested may be a bit of a grumpy old man and just want to be on his own.  Our experiences with previous Cairns, who weren’t exactly the best behaved, may have to be called on.  Definitely not the case though. Bertie is a sweetheart, gentle, affectionate and just loving his new life.

At the beginning he had a lot to go through, a long journey from Stoke-on-Trent to Northern Ireland, a very lengthy groom and a rather sensitive operation at the vets but he never complained.

In the first few weeks we found him under, what we have called the Bertie contemplation bush, where he went to sit on his own and take everything in.  However, 4 months on you will be more likely to find him curled up on the sofa beside us.

He loves his walks, whether it’s just down the street, or out on the beaches of the north coast at the weekends.  He is also getting into the café culture of the dog-friendly cafes and enjoying meeting other dogs.

When we lost out wee Lola at Easter, it was heart-breaking, as it always is, but the only way to heal is to give another feisty, loyal and affectionate Cairn a loving home.  Bertie, number 5 has arrived.

Colin and Angela (serial Cairn rescuers)

CTRF would like to thank Colin and Angela for sending us such a heartwarming update and the super photographs. We wish them and Bertie a happy life together.

* Posted 3rd November 2021.

Bertie having fun with his new family:

Bertie (30th July 2021):

Freddie & Bertie came into Cairn Rescue and went to a foster home to be assessed, but needed to be split up because of their fighting (see below).

Freddie has stayed with his foster dad, and will be adopted by him.

Bertie went to a new home in Northern Ireland and here he is posting his Adoption form to the C.T.R.F.  What a super photograph and how well he looks.

He has settled in very well with his new owners, Colin and Angela and has got his paws firmly under their table. Well done Bertie, have a good life with your new mum and dad.

We wish Bertie and his new family all the best and send our thanks for giving him a lovely new home.

* Posted 30th July 2021.


Hilda came into rescue during the lockdown after her owners made the incredibly brave and very selfless decision that they were not the best home for her and contacted the CTRF.

Her new humans tell us that Hilda is a very determined and stubborn young lady with a huge character, despite her petite stature, and now she’s also a teenager!

She lives life at full speed, without any hesitation or fear of anything or anybody. Fortunately she is also a natural optimist with bucket loads of cheeky charm, so she has everyone she meets wound around her paw within minutes.

At puppy training she was the class clown, delighting in doing all she could to distract the lab and spaniel next to her. It was touch and go as to whether she’d get the rosette however on the last day she pulled it out of the bag and passed the exam, but her humans say they attribute 99% of this success to the £5.99 of Scottish smoked salmon she ate her way though during the exam!

Like most teenagers Hilda loves staying up late and hanging out in the park with her friends. She also adores her Cairn brothers and wants to spend every waking moment with them, fortunately 95% of the time the feeling is mutual, unless she decides it’s time to clean their ears when there’s usually lots of shouting and a race to get to ‘mum’ to put their side first.

Hilda’s owners said “We cannot remember what life was like pre Hilda. We know it was quieter and calmer, oh and our doormats still had corners (she landscapes them for us with her teeth), and of course we didn’t have to hide the remote controls (we’re on our third Amazon Fire stick remote control now), but whilst it’s only been a few months we really can’t imagine her not being here, she fitted in perfectly, there’s never a dull moment and we all love her to bits”.

Bertie and Freddie

Update 23rd June 2021: A foster placement has been found for Bertie and he will be going to his new home this coming Friday.
Thank you to everyone who enquired about him.

URGENT UPDATE 22nd June 2021:  Bertie & Freddie came into rescue on the 12th June. They were taken straight to a foster home in the Stoke-on-Trent area. Their owner passed away just over 2 years ago and one of the family took care of them in their owners home, which wasn’t an ideal situation as the family member worked full time, so they were left to their own devices for 8-10 hours each day.

Unfortunately they have started to fight each other again, and they will fight to the death if possible. This is something they have done for a while as neither of them has been neutered.

Their foster dad is finding it very difficult to keep them apart. He is prepared to continue to foster Freddie, but unfortunately Bertie needs a new foster/forever home. Bertie is a lovely looking dog, he’s 9 years old and fit and healthy, but he can be a little bit grumpy. He likes his own space, and is a typical independent male Cairn. We feel that he would be a lot better on his own.

Is there anyone out there who could take him for a few weeks to see how he gets on? Obviously he needs to go where there are no other pets and no young children.

This is quite urgent, as their foster dad is having to be very careful that they are kept apart.

Please contact Chris Roberts 01283 712498 or [email protected]

18th June 2021:

Bertie and Freddie  recently went to a foster home to be assessed. Their dad had passed away two years ago and they have been looked after by a member of the family. Unfortunately their home is up for sale and the family member is moving into a new home where pets are not allowed.

They have had fights now and again and are not keen on other dogs. We do have homes for them to go to once they have been assessed, so hopefully they will be in their new home/s by July.

As you can see they seem to be settling into their foster home, so fingers crossed. Bertie is dark brindle and Freddy is wheaten.

* Posted 18th June 2021


Rory needed to find himself a new home. It wasn’t that he’d been naughty because he’s a very good boy.

After due consideration he chose a delightful couple to adopt. Realizing that he’s going to be absolutely adored he’s quite happy with his choice and would be quite happy to dispense with the 4 weeks ‘trial’.

Be happy little man.


* Posted 12th June 2021.


Lucy came into rescue last month, her owner had to make the difficult decision as he could no longer care for her. We had someone suitable on the waiting list. Here is a message from Lucy, in her own words, clever girl:


You haven’t met me before so I’ll introduce myself; I turned eight years young in March and am called Lucy. Due to some sad circumstances in my previous home, I have found my paws with another Mummy and Daddy and have been with them for just a week. In that time, I have found that the settee is a very comfortable place and I also like the chair that has a pressure cushion on it which my new Mummy finds very strange as it is a plasticy material. My most favourite place is my new Daddy’s riser recliner so that now has to be kept in the raised position so I can’t get to it before him. When he is in it though, it’s a good place to sleep.

My new Aunty is a groundsman at a sports club and she looks after 43 acres so I have been there a few times and am having short walks as I’m not used to long ones. New Aunty drives a tractor there and I was very interested in that so they let me sit on the seat but no-one thought to take a picture of me. Yesterday was very hot so we walked in the woods where it was a little bit cooler and there were loads of lovely things to sniff at.

New Mummy and Daddy don’t go to the sports club at the weekend as there is lots going on so I went to the park, just across the road from home, in the early evening when it was lovely and cool over the Bank Holiday weekend. I was a bit spooked by the noise of the football being kicked but I soon got used to it. There are lots of new noises but I’m sure I’ll be ok with them.

New Mummy did some gardening at the weekend and put some stuff in pots. I pottered out to check that it had been done properly and then returned to another of my favourite places – inside on the mat with the door open, looking out at everything.

I am sleeping and eating well, get lots of fuss and am quite happy in the car so I think I may stay here…

Woof, woof,


* Posted 4th June 2021.


Monty (28th May 2021):

Monty’s Mum sadly passed away but left very specific instructions that the CTRF should be responsible for finding him a new home.

After consultation with Monty it became clear that, as he loves attention, he should be the only dog in the new home.

This would also ensure that he would be able to train his new family to his specific requirements.

Fortunately someone was waiting for a dog just like Monty so he’s giving them a 4 week trial.

Good luck little man.

* Posted 28th May 2021.


We have received this story from Bobby’s new family. He was adopted in  January 2021.

“January 2021 was not only the start of a new year but also the beginning of a whirlwind adventure for our family.

Anne Weaver contacted us to ask if I would still be interested in re homing a Cairn Terrier, as we had registered after our 13 year old Cairn Terrier Maisey had suddenly passed away in our arms and we missed her so much.

Anne wanted to talk about 5 year old Bobby who needed to be rehomed after his owners health was deteriorating and she was struggling to walk him.

At the end of January we travelled to meet up with Bobby and his mum in a park. We walked Bobby around the park to let him get used to us all and we instantly fell in love with him. I think he liked us to as he was happy to walk ahead with us and it was decided he would come home with us that day.

Bobby has settled in really well and has made himself at home and loves to sleep on our bed……. He gets my side of the bed and I get the edge most nights

Bobby is definitely a man’s dog, he worships both my husband and 14 year old son and follows them everywhere……. I will do if neither of them are home, but that’s OK with me as long as he is happy. He has settled in really well and loves to play and really enjoys visiting our allotments, where he sunbathers by the steps (as you can see in the picture).

Bobby loves to go for a walk, but can still be very reactive and barks at loud noises, but he is slowly getting better and now only barks at larger lorries and buses.

Bobby has been with us for 4 months now and already has a best friend, his name is Gizmo a 10 month old Border Terrier and they play so well together and share everything.

We cannot thank you all enough for allowing us to adopt Bobby he brings so much joy to our home.

Thank you Emma, Jason and Bevan x”

CTRF thank Emma, Jason and Bevan for sending this.  Follow ups are always appreciated.

*Posted 9th May 2021.


This is Ruby who is 11 years old, but still quite active.

She has just gone to her new home under very sad circumstances, and is on the normal 4 week trial period, so fingers crossed that she will settle in with her new mum, who had been on our waiting list for quite a while.

Good luck Ruby.


* Posted 5th April 2021.


Cassie (3rd January 2021):

Five year-old Cassie needed a new home as her owner was no longer able to give her the life she deserves. Fortunately there was someone waiting for a dog just like her. She went to her new family today.

Her owners are on the usual 4 weeks probation to make sure they are suitable ‘Parents’.

Good luck little Cassie.

* Posted 4th January 2021.

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