Our New Homes 2020

Here are some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed in 2020.

Here is where we will showcase some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed in 2020. We wish them all the best of luck for their futures in their forever homes.


Initially Humbug was fostered by his new owner when the lockdown started.

Once he had his paws under the table he was not going anywhere.

He loves his walks by the river Thames.

We love a foster failure.

Thank you to our trustee Chris Hewitt for the update.

* Posted 11th November 2020


Thirteen year old Torquil needed a new home due to his owner passing away. Helen our Trustee had the perfect couple on her wait list so we didn’t need to advertise him.

He has been in kennels since July when his owner was first taken ill along with Chloe also a Cairn. Sadly Chloe passed away last week due to illness so he’s had a bad time of it lately. He was very well looked after and much loved in the kennels but he really needed a home to call his own.

He was safely taken to his new home today in the countryside, following the recommended Covid guidelines. He will be on the usual one month trial. We wish him well in his new home. Be happy Torquil

The photographs on the right are of the kennel staff saying goodbye and Torquil meeting his new owners.

* Posted 14th October 2020.


Some Cairns rehomed by CTRF are not advertised on the website or Facebook page because the relevant trustee already has a suitable applicant on their waiting list. This was the case with Copper and here is her story from our trustee John Francis:

“Copper, a 4 year old, needed to find a new home through no fault of her own. We didn’t need to advertise her as fortunately we had someone waiting for a dog with her exact characteristics.

However a name change was needed as, if she needed to be recalled, standing and shouting COPPER may not always be the best idea so she is now Cooper.

She’s certainly a live-wire and soon found the pond which is covered with netting. A great feature to explore until it became clear that the floating plant pots around the edge would support the weight of a plant but not of an inquisitive Cairn Terrier.

Have a long and happy life Cooper.”

* Posted 27th August 2020.


Bonnie – Update (11th July 2020):

Bonnie has gone to her new home now on the usual 1 month trial.


Bonnie (2nd July 2020):

Bonnie is a seven year old bitch who is looking for a new home. She is presently in a foster home in Perthshire Scotland.

She has had a number of different homes in recent years (through no fault of her own) and as a result is showing fear aggression.

She needs a quiet home where she is the only dog, preferably with a lot of open spaces around where she can relax.
Her behaviour is a bit unpredictable – she can be very cuddly and loving (and spoilt!) but at times snappy when she is uncertain. This should improve in time given the right encouragement and training.

She has not been used to other dogs so needs to the only one and an owner with the time and patience to work with her and restore her confidence.
She would not be suitable for a home where there were young children.


This is Teddy and he is 10 months old. Teddy came to us when his heartbroken mum wanted him to live his best life and that wasn’t to be with the already established family dogs and cats.

So she asked our trustee Chrissie, one of our trustees to find Teddy a new home with no cats or other dogs.

Teddy wasn’t advertised as his new mum was already on the waiting list.

A few days ago Teddy went to his new home where he can fulfill his ambition be the only one.

Happy new home little man.


* Posted 27th June 2020.


Cherry (update 30th May 2020):

CTRF has received this lovely update from Cherry’s new owner:

In January this year I was asked by one of the Trustees if I would take on a 15 year old female, whose owner had been unable to look after her for some while at home.  The owner’s carers and a neighbour were helping out.  I was happy to, having a 14 year old male Cairn (from a puppy), a rescue female Pomeranion (4) and a rescue female cross-breed (6), all with gentle temperaments.   

As we progressed with the paperwork my old Cairn became rapidly unwell and after a mixture of outpatient and inpatient care and with the aid of some serious medication, he enjoyed a last walk, chicken dinner and a few hours of stroking and dreaming before going to sleep for good.  It was quite traumatic due to the sudden onset but I made the decision to honour his memory by doing my best for this new girl, Cherry.   

Cherry arrived with little sight due to chronic dry eye and a skin problem that was responding well to bathing, quite chirpy in herself, and proceeded to settle in with my gang.  She looked a lot like Toddy, which was quite unsettling for my neighbours, who had seen me through my loss!  She had come from a bungalow to a modern semi so I was concerned about the stairs and set up a gate.  In typical Cairn fashion she made it clear that she wanted to explore everywhere and demonstrated an ability to deal with the stairs.  She quickly became attached to my elderly mum, who lives with us, and who made a fuss of Cherry.  There are dog beds around the house and my two sleep in my bedroom at night by choice but Cherry frequently relocated to mum’s bedroom so now she has her own bed and water bowl in there too and each night she decides where to settle.  

I update the kind neighbour who helped Cherry, with her progress, and she relays this and the photos to Cherry’s previous owner. 

Of concern to me was the state of her mouth.  She had a vet check on arrival which confirmed a very low grade heart murmur and infected gums, but otherwise a clean bill of health.  The neighbour had taken her to the vet locally for treatment for dry eye which we continued.  She was a bit overweight which I wanted to address before any anaesthetic.  We eventually agreed on 1st April for her dental, which was subsequently cancelled due to COVID-19.   

She has been a delight.  She tolerates well having her eyes bathed and treated and her rear inspected for hygiene.  She allowed me to clip her claws, in particular her dew claws which were in need.  She loves walks and picks up quite a pace when she wants to.  She loves her food and gets very excited at mealtimes.  She drinks well.  So I felt that in spite of her age she was having a good quality of life, except for the mouth, which was bothering me increasingly.   

I persevered with telephone updates to the vets and I’m delighted to say that they agreed to go ahead with her procedure on Wednesday 20th May.  She had 4 extractions and a good clean and has made a full recovery; a tough old girl.  She now sleeps through the night and appears very contented with life.  I’ve noticed in this lovely weather that she spends more time sniffing about in the garden and enjoys lying in the shade under the washing line.  My back door is open from around 6am until dusk pretty much so all the dogs can wander in and out.  

I’m so grateful to the Cairn Rescue for giving this old girl the chance of a happy retirement, long may it continue.

CTRF would like to thank Cherry’s new owner for giving her such a lovely life in her senior years. 


* Posted 30th May 2020.


George (27th May, 2020):

George was not advertised and was adopted from one of our trustees’  waiting list. Here is an update from George’s new family:

George came to our family as a shy, quiet dog who jumped at everything. He was one of a pair but it was thought that he would thrive better as an only dog to let his personality come through.

It took him a while to get used to us and his new home and was very anxious to start with. Now he’s part of the family, he loves to be around people and is a very friendly dog. He has such a vibrant personality and loves to run around free in the park.

He’s become quite mischievous and is slowly learning how to pose for pictures! He loves cuddles and just to be played with. We love to play fetch and he’s become a very big part of our family, we wouldn’t change him for the world.


CTRF thank Keira for sending us this update and for giving George a loving new home. We love hearing about our rescued Cairns and are so glad that everything is going well for George and his new family.


Toby (23rd March 2020):

10 year old Toby needed a new home due to the ill-health of his owner. He was initially surrendered to the Ohana Dog Rescue in Manchester who contacted the CTRF as a breed rescue. After a short holiday in Chorley it became clear that Toby would be very happy as an only dog.

John, our Trustee in that area had someone on his wait list who wanted a dog like Toby so, before any enforced ‘lockdown’ he took a journey across the Pennines to West Yorkshire, on the usual month’s trial, where he made an excellent first impression. Good luck Toby and your new owners.

Thank you to Toby’s new family for giving him a lovely home.

* Posted 23rd March 2020.


Lady – Update (29th May 2020):

We have received this lovely update about Lady from her new family and just had to share it:

“We had been registered to adopt a Cairn for about four months, because we had lost our wonderful Cairn last year.  Previously we have owned three Cairn Terriers.

 We suddenly received a call from our local representative, John Francis who lives in Chorley, Lancashire.  He said he might have a Cairn bitch that would suit us, but he hadn’t seen her because she was in South Wales.  He told us that the people who owned her in South Wales could not look after her anymore because of illness, so they had taken her to the lady who bred her and who still had the mother. 

Her name is Alison Hargreaves who very kindly offered to bring her up to Preston and everyone would meet at our house.  She did this the very next day and we all met at our home.  For this kind act, we shall be eternally grateful.  As soon as we saw ‘Lady’ we knew we wanted her.  After introductions and happy discussions, we were able to adopt her.  She is a wonderful pet for us and we can tell she has been looked after very well by her previous owners, who I know were very sad to have to re-home her.

She is a very happy dog who loves her walks and her food and has settled in nicely.  We are so happy we adopted her.”


Lady (2nd March 2020):

Lady needed a new home as her owners had become too unwell to properly care for her.

Fortunately someone was waiting for a dog just like her and the introduction to her new family was a joy to watch.  Our Trustee John reports that within 20 minutes she had jumped on her new Mum’s knee and stayed there.

From John: “Lady is the most gentle dog and I have no doubt that I will be getting the ‘Adoption Call’ before the month’s trial is up.”

* Posted 3rd March 2020.


Dexter (2nd March 2020):

Some of the Cairns who come into the care of the CTRF are not advertised because the trustee already has a potential new owner on their waiting list. This was the case with Dexter.

Adorable Dexter went to his new home on Sunday, 1st March 2020 where he settled in really quickly.  John our Trustee has had an update from his new Mum and everything is going really well and she adores him already.

Apparently he’s none too keen on buses and going for a walk in the dark (he had to be carried home).

Have a long and happy life in your new home Dexter.

* Posted 3rd March 2020.

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