Our New Homes 2019

Here are some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed in 2019.

Here is where we will showcase some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed in 2019. We wish them all the best of luck for their futures in their forever homes.

Whiskey and Penny

Update on Whiskey and Penny (21st March 2019):

Whisky and Penny, the 10 and 9 year-olds who were re-homed a week ago have been adopted after only a few days in their new home. As you can see it didn’t take them long to develop the ‘How come you’re eating and we’re not’ pose.
Have very long and happy lives Whisky and Penny.


Whiskey and Penny – adopted in March 2019.

Whiskey and Penny were not advertised as our trustee John Francis had someone on his waiting list.

14th March: Whisky (Red Brindle) and Penny (Wheaten) needed a new home together as their owner wasn’t in the best of health and was finding it difficult to care for them properly.

Penny really wanted to go to a home with a wildlife pond, which we managed to arrange, and she took full advantage of it on her first day.

They also have a new big sister and Whisky is already playing with her.

Enjoy your new life little ones.


Update on Albie (28th March 2019):

Albie is now reserved and will be going to his new home on the usual one month trial.

Albie (18th March 2019):

ALBIE is a 13 month old wheaten brindle boy.  He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  He is a typical bouncy young lad.  He is good with other dogs but NOT cats.  Due to being a little over excitable he could go to a family with older children 10/12 yrs plus.

He is learning some basic commands but as with all Cairns “come” is a challenge!!!  Despite having no recall what so ever he is really good on his Flexi lead and does not pull.  He loves meeting dogs out on walks, socializing with them really well.

He would be ideally suited to an active home that can provide lots of exercise and cuddles (when he is still long enough to cuddle!)

He is currently in West Sussex.  If you are interested please contact Wendy Laker:

Telephone: 02392 631114 (leave a message and I will get back to you) or
Email: wendylaker@btinternet.com


Scruff – rehomed in February, 2019

Scruff’s owners could no longer meet his needs due to health issues so advertised him on the Internet. The C.T.R.F. stepped in and asked if they wanted our help in finding him a suitable home.
Fortunately they did and John, our Trustee had someone waiting for a dog just like Scruff who has now gone to them on the usual month’s trial.

We thank Scruff’s family for giving him a new home and wish them all well.


Update on Alfie (25th February 2019):

Alfie has now been reserved.

Alfie is in Scotland and is looking for a new home (24th February 2019):

Alfie is a seven year old Cairn Terrier who has just been diagnosed with diabetes. His elderly, disabled owner is no longer able to care for him for a number of reasons. He is presently living near Oban in W Scotland.

This is what his dog walker says about him:
“I have been Alfie’s dog walker for 4 years now. He is the most loveliest most loving boy ever. Unfortunately Alfie became very unwell on Saturday and has been in the vets since……. his vet costs are rising daily. Alfie’s owner is disabled and can no longer provide the care and costs to keep Alfie alive and well. Alfie will be ready to be released from the vets as from Monday 25th February 2019.

From our CTRF trustee Helen Miller:

Alfie will need a whole new lifestyle and routine so I am looking for some lovely loving person who will have the time and effort and will be rewarded with Alfie’s love.

Alfie is 7 years of age and gets along great with other dogs. He is such a wee character and just loves his walks. He loves people and has previously lived with a cat.”

The CTRF will pay the cost of his insulin and any related expenses for life. If you are interested in giving Alfie a home, please contact our CTRF Scottish Trustee Helen Miller:

Email: helenmiller5@me.com

* Posted 24th February 2019


Tigger (8th February 2019):

Tigger needed a new home through no fault of his own but had to be assessed before he went to his forever home. He went to stay with John, our Trustee, for a few days.

John had someone waiting for a dog just like Tigger so he never made it onto Facebook or our website. Tigger was adopted today and his new owner is over the moon with him.

CTRF would like to thank Tigger’s previous owners for letting us find a new home for him and also his new family for adopting him. We wish Tigger and his new family all the best for their future together.


Update on Pip (31st January 2019):

From our Trustee Chris Hewitt:

“The lovely 13 year old gentleman Pip went to his new home today, Cairns never fail to surprise me, the first place he went to was the kitchen and watched his new owner make some tea, secretly he was thinking, never mind the tea how about the biscuits!! Thank you for giving Pip a chance of a new home, oldies give so much back. Obviously Pip will be on the usual 4 week trial.”

The top two photographs on the right are of Pip in his new home. 

Update on Pip (27th January 2019):

Pip has now been reserved.

Pip (26th January 2019):

Pip is a 13 year old gentleman, who is young at heart. Sadly his owner cannot keep him due to ill health. What he would like is a cosy bed, lovely walks and plenty of love.

Please look into your heart and don’t overlook these oldies, it is very rewarding and a great sense of achievement to take one on. I am sure there are many on the CTRF Facebook page who will say the same.

Pip should either be the only dog or to go with a bitch.

All Vets fees will be paid for.

If you are interested in Pip, please call our Trustee
Chris Hewitt on:
Telephone: 01689828788 not before 9am or after 9pm or
Email: littleacorncairns@hotmail

Pip is in Kent.

* Posted 26th January 2019.


Update on Bobby (4th February 2019):

Bobby has settled in really well but he did have an issue with other dogs who dared to walk on his new patch and wasn’t afraid to tell them all about it.

CTRF arranged for a behaviourist to pay him a visit and now Bobby has got all the information he needs to lick his new owners into shape.
He just wishes that the only coat in the pet shop in his size wasn’t pink. 

Thank you to John our Trustee for this great update and photographs of Bobby in his new home (top two are the latest pictures).

Update on Bobby (4th January 2019):

Bobby has now gone to his new home on the usual one month trial.  We would like to thank all those who enquired about him.

Bobby (2nd January 2019):

Bobby is a five year old Cairn Terrier looking for a new home. He must be rehomed in North Wales.

He is a lively little chap who has no vices unless you include trying to lick you to death! He would suit young retirees who like walking as he has been used to a lot of company (though he can be left on his own when necessary). He’s not keen on cats and likes to be the centre of attention.

His family are emigrating and sadly can’t take him with them.

For more information, please contact our Trustee John Francis:

Telephone: 01257 270 079 or Mobile 07766 168 869

Email: johnfrncs5@aol.com

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