Our New Homes 2018

Here are some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed in 2018.

Here are some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed this current year. We wish them all the best of luck for their futures in their forever homes.


Update on Ronnie (28th December 2018):

Here we have an update on Ronnie from our Trustee John:
“A tale to warm the cockles. 18 month old Ronnie came to CTRF as his owners could no longer cope with him and he had been a bit naughty. He went almost immediately to a new home, but within 24 hours they decided they couldn’t cope with him either so he came to live with us for a couple of weeks to be fully assessed.

A new home was then found where I felt he would fit in well and went on the usual 28 day ‘settling in’ period. On day nine I got an email asking how they would go about adopting him.

He now has a new Mum, 2 human brothers and a slightly younger Cairn brother called Frank. His new owner says that Ronnie and Frank are ‘Best buddies for life’.

Wonderful news and we thank Ronnie’s new family for giving him a lovely forever home.

Update on Ronnie (10th December 2018):
Ronnie has now been reserved.

Ronnie (9th December 2018):

Ronnie is looking for his forever home through no fault of his own. He is currently in Lancashire.
He is 18 months old, neutered, microchipped, house trained, up to date with his vaccinations and got a clean bill of health from the Vet.
He is a lovable little man, very affectionate, well behaved most of the time but does suffer from some separation anxiety. He will therefore need someone who is around most of the time.
Ronnie was an only dog but is living and playing quite happily with the other dogs in his foster home.
Ronnie lacks a few manners and will need training but this should be easy as he is treat orientated.
He pulls quite hard on the lead and can be stubborn if he’s on your chair or bed and doesn’t want to get off.
He has been known to nip but only if handled inappropriately.
Untested with cats.

Please only enquire about Ronnie if you have children 14 or over, are at home most of the time and have experience of living with terriers.

Please contact our Trustee John Francis on:
Telephone: Mobile 07766 168869 or Landline 01257 270079.
Messages can be left on either number.

Barley and Laddie

Update on Barley and Laddie (28.10.18):
Barley and Laddie have gone to their new home on the usual one month trial. We wish them and their new family well.

Barley and Laddie (24.10.18):
Due to their age, CTRF will pay for any veterinary fees that are incurred for Barley and Laddie’s care.

If you feel that you can give these two lovely chaps a happy future please contact: Anne Weaver on:
Telephone: 01285 654782 (Cirencester) or
email: [email protected]


* Posted 24th October 2018.


Update on Bentley (14th September 2018):
Bentley has now gone to his new home on the usual one month trial. We hope that everything goes well for Bentley and his new family. CTRF would also like to thank all those who expressed an interest in him.

Update on Bentley (8th September 2018):
Bentley is now reserved.

Bentley (30th August 2018):

Type of home needed:

For more information on Bentley please contact Wendy Laker:
[email protected] or
Telephone: 02392 631114.
Bentley is currently in West Sussex


* Posted 30th August 2018.


Update on Ludo (14th September 2018):
Ludo has now gone to his new home on the usual one month trial. We hope that all goes well for Ludo and his new family. CTRF thank all those who expressed an interest in him.

Update on Ludo (30th August 2018):
Ludo has had many enquirers and is now reserved. We thank everyone who expressed an interest in Ludo.

Ludo (27th August 2018):
Ludo is a 6yr old big bouncy dark brindle boy. He’s neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
He would love the company of a lady dog, but think he could be happy with an only male neutered dog. He is house trained and loves car travel. He loves long walks on a long lead so he can get to do lots of sniffing…he does pull on a short lead! He is extremely friendly, exuberant and talkative. Like most terriers, he likes to dig and bark at birds.

Can anyone give him a forever home please? He is living at Cirencester, Gloucester.
Contact Chris Roberts – [email protected]
Tel: 01283 712498


Peanut (10th November 2018):

Not all our rescues are advertised on our Facebook page, our trustees often have waiting list, this was the case when Peanut’s owner contacted our trustee Chris Hewitt.

Peanut and his brother were both 7 months months old and had started to fight, this was detrimental to both of them, so after a lot of heart searching one of them had to have a new home.

Chris Hewitt had a lovely family who had been waiting a considerable amount of time, and were delighted to take on this young chap. They had been recommended to contact Chris by our own knitter of dog coats Aunty Glynis.

Peanut is doing very well in his new home an intelligent boy who loves to please. The photo to the right is Peanut in his new coat knitted by our Glynis. We sometimes have these coats for sale in our eBay shop.

Please remember to contact your nearest trustee if you want to go on their waiting list.

CTRF thank Peanut’s new family for giving him a new home and also his previous owners for allowing us to help.

* Posted 10th November 2018.

Lexi and Roxi

Update on Lexi and Roxi (1st October 2018):

Roxi ( Wheaten ) went to her new home today and Lexi is being adopted by her foster carer Kay.

Lexi and Roxi (24th September 2018):

Lexi and Roxi have been in their foster home for 3 weeks now, in Tamworth, Midlands, but are still looking for their ‘forever home’. Can you give them the loving home that they’re looking for?

This is what their foster parents say about them – “The girls are doing well, but jealousy is still a concern and they continue to fight. One point to mention is that Roxi was quite aggressive towards my nephew at the weekend. She seems fine with children she meets outside but he was in the house”.

Even though these two have lived together all of their lives, the fact that fights are flaring up regularly means that they will probably be better off being re-homed separately.

This is what we said about them on the 29th August – “Lexi & Roxi are 6 /7yr old litter sisters. They’re not vaccinated or spayed, and we’re not certain about microchips, however this can all be sorted and paid for by Cairn Rescue once they are in a new home. They are at present in Peterborough with another two Cairns who are a lot older than them, so they are used to living with other dogs. Their owners have split up, and the owner left at home can cope with the two older dogs, but not with all four of them, so has decided to try and find a home for the two younger ones. They are both lead trained, house trained and good travellers. They’re not to be trusted off the lead!! Apparently they haven’t lived with children, but when out on walks they are good with them.

At present they are living in Tamworth, Staffs. If you are interested in them please contact Chris Roberts:
Telephone: 01283 712498
Email: [email protected]

* CTRF would like to thank Lexi and Roxi’s new owners for giving them a new home. We wish them well.??


Monty (29th September 2018):

Monty wasn’t advertised;? he went to foster care during August, 2018 but his fosterers could not bear to part with him. He is now officially rehomed with them and his new owner has kindly sent us this update:

“Say hello to Monty. We received a call from John Francis, Trustee for the North West, asking if we could foster this little 9 year old chap for a couple of weeks whilst a new home was located for him. As you can see he didn’t take long to get his paws under the table and we have, very reluctantly, had to tell John that when he is re-homed he will require the assistance of the SAS, SBS and the entire Royal Marines to remove him from his two new pals Biff and the star man Dougal also a rescue.
Picture is of Monty after his grooming settling down in his favourite chair. He enjoys his walks with his new pal 4 year old Dougal.”

CTRF would like to thank Monty’s owner for giving him a new home. We always love to have feedback from our adopters.?


Update on Connie, 29th September 2018:

Connie was needing a new home in August – here’s an update & photo from Barbara her new owner:

“Connie has now been with us a little over a month???
We love this little girl???
Lucy is teaching Connie how to be sociable and Connie is teaching Lucy how to play??????as she has not played before ( our older dog , now on?Rainbow ?bridge didn?t really play with her)?
All?s well xxx?

Thank you CTRF for this little star.

Photographs – Connie’s most recent picture is the one at the top right.

CTRF would like to thank Barbara for giving Connie a super new home and for updating us with news of her progress. We love to have feedback from our adopters.??

Update on Connie, 21st August 2018:

Connie has now gone to her new home on the usual months trial.

Connie (August 2018):

Connie, a two year old Bitch, is looking for a new home through no fault of her own.
Unfortunately we don’t know much about her because of her circumstances.
We do know that she is only partly house trained, is not used to children and have to assume that she can’t go to a home with cats.

She seems to be a typical Cairn, lively, inquisitive and quite an accomplished escape artist.

She will have to be spayed before her next season (about 2 months away) but the C.T.R.F. will meet those costs.
She would benefit from being in a home with another dog, to teach her the life skills she has missed.

Connie is currently in Anglesey.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to offer Connie the loving home she deserves, or want more information, please contact John Francis, Trustee at:

[email protected] or

Telephone: 07766 168869.


Update on Benji (25th August 2018):

Benji has now gone to his new home on the usual 4 week trial

Update on Benji (16th August 2018):

Benji is now reserved and will be going to his new home shortly

Benji (6th August 2018):

Benji is a ten year old Cairn who is currently in Scotland. He is microchipped,? neutered and appears in good health apart from being overweight. He lived with his singe male owner who was away a lot so Benji has spent a lot of his time in a crate, getting out in the morning and at night. He escaped recently and apparently nipped a young child (no police involvement or hospitalisation). The owner wanted him put to sleep as he didn?t have time for him, but was persuaded to let Benji go to a foster home, where he is living at the moment.

The fosterer cannot keep him long term as she has other dogs. She says he has been left to do what he wants and now frequently hides in his crate for security. He is food and toy protective. He is quite vocal and responds well to a happy, high pitched smiley voice. Despite being overweight, Benji loves to get out walking. He is gradually responding to being petted.

Type of home needed:
Benji needs an understanding home with somebody prepared to take things at his pace and help him adjust. Because of the nipping incident he must be in a home where there are no children or visiting children.?We think he would be OK with another dog.

If you think you have the time and patience to care for him please contact our Scottish Trustee, Helen Miller:
Email: [email protected] in the first instance.

* Posted 6th August 2018.

Zoe and Ebbie

Update on Zoe and Ebbie (9th July 2018):

Zoe and Ebbie have gone to their new home on the usual one month trial.

Zoe and Ebbie (5th July 2018):

Zoe and Ebbie are in the South of England. They are aged 14 & 16 and yet again, through no fault of their own are in need a new home. They have out lived two sets of owners and we thought they had found their forever home (last year) but sadly their lovely new owner has had a major change of circumstances.

Would someone please give this loving pair a home to see out the rest of their days, I know people don’t normal like to go through the heart ache of losing a much loved pet, but putting feelings aside and thinking of the welfare of the dogs, you will get a huge reward in love and gratitude from this lovely pair.

They both still go for walks and enjoy their food and love company.

Vets bills will be paid for by the CTRF.

If you feel you could be the forever home for this pair, please telephone Chris Hewitt on:
01688 828788 (Not before 9am or after 9pm) or

Email: [email protected]

Here are a few words from the owner??
?Zoe is much trimmer then she was, both eating and drinking well. They love walkies?but not too far in this heat. Ebby loves playing ball, Zoe has no interest whatsoever! They are great with the children and love having a good sniff (etc) with other dogs, no socialising issues. They are really perfect little Cairns, sweet and don?t expect anything?but live in hope of the odd treat biscuit and a good tickle. They really are lovely.?

* Posted? 5th July 2018.


Update on Archie (30th July 2018):

A few words from Archie?s new owner.

“We recently obtained?Archie?through the rescue.
He is a mature dog of 12 years.He has settled down extremely well indeed and he and Sasha our other cairn from the Cairn rescue are already great friends.Archie?is a beautiful chap we could not ask for more in a dog-we fell in love with him in no time.He and Sasha have a wonderful time together on their walks pottering about together all the time.All in all?Archie?seems to be very happy in his new environment maybe it has something to do with us thoroughly spoiling him.He has a gentle and loving personality and it’s an absolute pleasure to be his new owners.
He has already found his favourite sleeping place,and because of his great love of food he has already worked out where all the food and treats are kept!??

Archie (3rd July 2018):

Archie is looking for a forever home, as his owners are having to move due to ill health and dogs aren’t allowed.

Archie is 12 years old, is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated until August. He is house trained, good on his lead and is OK in a car.

In the past he has lived with another dog, but we’re not certain how he would get on in a new home with another dog. He also chases cats. He has had a few teeth extracted, but apart from that he has had no health problems.

He is presently living with his owners in Porthcawl, South Wales.

Could you give this old lad a new forever home?

If so, please contact Chris Roberts on:

Telephone: 01283 712498 or
Email: [email protected]

* Posted 3rd July 2018


Update on Marty (1st June 2018):

Marty has gone to live with Katie and Angus who have adopted several of our ?wonky? ( Katie?s description ) CTRF Cairns.

The top two photographs to the right have been sent by Katie. Good luck Marty and have a happy life.

Here is Katie?s announcement ?

?It?s with great excitement,that the Park Neuk Pack welcome their newest and youngest ?wonky? CTRF adoptee. His name is Marty and he?s already had 2 homes. We are hoping it?s third time lucky and that Marty enjoys a ?fur ever? home in Moray with us all. Here are a few pictures that show he?s already made himself quite at home ! He will help take our minds off our recent sad loss of dear old Tufty and definitely keep us fit as he loves his long forest walks.?

* Posted 1st June 2018.

Update on Marty (26th May 2018):

Marty has now been reserved. He is going to his new home on the usual trial basis.

Marty (14th May 2018):

4 year old Marty is presently in Scotland, in rural Aberdeenshire & is in need of a new home.
The description below is in his owner’s words ….

“Marty is a four and a half year old male neutered dog. He is friendly, house and crate trained…in fact he likes his box very much.
He eats all dog food, albeit in two sittings, enjoys his bedtime dental stick and as many dog biscuits you would wish to give him during the day.
He appears not to know his name, but does understand a few basic commands e.g. in, sit, lead on, lead off.

He can walk in control on a lead, but only in his own the garden. When he leaves his own space, he goes berserk at everything, so much so that he is not able to be exercised outside his own garden.

He is an extremely high energy, over reactive dog. He barks at all noises and movements, even aircraft flying overhead at 36000ft. He has to be permanently supervised when he is loose in the garden, otherwise neighbours complain. He lives in a house with a large garden and is usually exercised on a long Flexi lead.

He does share a house with four other dogs, unfortunately he has not integrated with them at all. He does not know how to behave with them and they sense he is ?different?. There is no aggression, but his constant barking upsets them.

His relentless barking has caused considerable problems, everything has been tried and everything has failed to help Marty address his barking problem. Interesting though Marty rarely barks during the night, the same noises that trigger him off during the day seem not to after bedtime. He travels well in the car, though in a crate and he can do very short journeys on a passenger?s lap.

Marty is not allowed free reign of the house, he is confined to kitchen/breakfast room at his present home, that is because Marty does not understand reasonable behaviour. The slightest outside noise will have him throwing himself at walls and running out of control over furniture etc.”

Due to his current owners change of circumstances, Marty needs to be rehomed. He will need a very tolerant and special new owner. Ideally, he needs to live in a quiet environment with as little stimulus as possible. He will need a properly secured fenced garden with all vigilance to gates and doors.

We don?t know if Marty is good with children, but honestly believe he would not harm any child intentionally. He has not been kennelled successfully to date…barking and does not like being handled, though when it suits him he will come and sit beside you.

Hopefully, there is that special new owner and home for Marty. Marty is not a bad dog, actually he has a very nice nature, but he just does not understand that relentless barking and his inability to go anywhere is the cause of all his problems. Fingers crossed his next home will be able to help him more.

His owner is willing to keep him as long as necessary and is happy to chat to any prospective owner but in the first instance enquiries need to go to our CTRF Trustee Helen Miller
by email ( [email protected] ) or phone ( 0131 449 4470 )

* Posted 14th May 2018.


Bobby – follow up story, 25th July 2018:

Bobby went to his new home without the need to advertise him.? Our trustee John Francis found him a new home with someone on his waiting list.?Thank you to them for welcoming Bobby into their home and John for finding him a loving new home.

Here is what Bobby?s new owners have to say ??

?We knew from day one that we wanted Bobby to be part of our family. He is a lovely little boy with a very gentle and loving nature in the home and it is obvious from his interactions with humans that he was very loved by his previous family. He is enjoying at least three walks a day in the local park and is happy to make it four or even five if you?re willing. He also loves playing with several balls at the same time in the garden. We are taking it slowly in attempting to socialise him as he has a different reaction to each dog he meets.

Our two girls and their boyfriends were home at the weekend for a family wedding and were so looking forward to meeting him and they were delighted when he greeted them wagging his tail as though it would wag off. He now has more adoring fans wanting to play with him and he completely adapted to the busier and noisier environment as though he has known them all his life. They could not believe how chilled he was.

We are looking to arrange some training to help with his recall and socialisation with other dogs and are also making sure our walks have a small amount of exposure to traffic from a distance and are hopeful that if we can improve things in this direction we can take the train to visit our girls in London at some time in the future. We have a family holiday planned in Kent in a few weeks which we?re all really looking forward to.

This morning he enjoyed a bit of freedom off the lead in a secure section of the park and thoroughly enjoyed a bit of squirrel hunting. He?s able to spot them really high up and follows their progress as they leap between the trees.

We are very grateful to John (Trustee), Bobby?s previous owners and Cairn Rescue for bringing such a lovely little friend into our lives following the loss of our lovely Molly at the end of last year.?


Our trustee John Francis sent us this update on Elsa. She wasn’t advertised as he had an ideal home for her on his waiting list.

Elsa had to be re-homed when it became clear that she needed to be the only dog in the home.??Two weeks ago she packed her bags and moved to the seaside to be adopted by her new family.?This is what they have to say about Elsa:

“After 1 week:
She loves her walks around the local woods and beaches. She enjoys paddling in the surf water.
Today we have been up on the cliff tops for her afternoon walk. I have got a new exercise partner with all the walking we are doing. She has got new harness for walking.
We have taken her to Mum?s care home and the residents love her.
She is a very inquisitive little dog on her walks and likes sniffing out new smells.
We would like to formally adopt her, and give her a permanent new home.

After 2 weeks:
She loves playing ball. She is good at catching the ball but not as good at giving it up to allow us to throw it again. She is a good little walker and is enjoying the multiple different places we go. She really enjoys the beach and padding in the sea.
She has settled down into a good routine now and is averaging 3 good walks a day. She is eating well on a morning and early evening after her walks.
We are confident at letting her off the lead in the field near us as long as there are no other dogs about.

Come and meet Elsa who will be bringing her new family to the Fun Day in September.”

* Posted 15th July 2018.


Last month our trustee John re-homed Theo, a 2 year old male Cairn Terrier and yesterday (5th June 2018) he was officially adopted. Theo wasn’t advertised, he was re-homed to someone suitable on John’s waiting list.

During his ‘probation’ period he went on his holidays and this is what his new family had to say about that:

”Theo really enjoyed his holiday, he went swimming every day, sometimes 2 or?3 times and I think if he hadn?t been on his lead he would have swum right
across the loch, as it was he swam over 200 yards at a time before coming to?shore!

One night he decided he would like to sleep in my husband?s open?suitcase among his socks and spare jumpers so next night we put his fleece?in the case and he happily slept in there every night. He walked for miles?with us through woods, through forest paths to beaches, along the lane by?the loch side and never seemed to tire but slept really well every night (in?his suitcase). It was a long car ride but he travelled very well.

Now he?s home again he?s back to taking his after breakfast carrot to his?teddy before he eats it and then we have a game with teddy.”

CTRF thank Theo’s new owners for giving him a super home and we wish all of them well for the future.

* Posted 6th June 2018.


Update on Toby 1st April 2018:

Toby is now reserved and will shortly be going to his new home on the usual one month trial period. We thank all those who showed interest in Toby.

* Posted 1st April 2018.

Toby an 11 year old dark brindle male who needs a new home through no fault of his own. Sadly, his owner has had a stroke and gone into a nursing home, this will be his third home as the current owner adopted him when he was 1 year old from a local rescue centre.

Toby loves tickles and being fussed.??He enjoys his walks and is quite an obedient dog, he is not happy with some male dogs so preferably he would need a home on his own with no other dogs.

If you feel you can give Toby the home he deserves, please call our Trustee Chris Hewitt on?01689828788 (not after 9pm or before 9am).

Email: [email protected]

* Posted 26th March 2018.


Update on Binky, 17th March 2018:

Binky is now reserved and will be going to live with her new family on the usual? one month trial.

Posted 17th March 2018

BINKY is in need of a new home, can you help…….? She will be 7 years old in 8 days time, she’s microchipped, spayed and vaccinated. She lives with another female Cairn, but unfortunately they have started showing aggression towards each other and are having to be kept apart. This has gone on for a while now, and Binky won’t accept other dogs into her home either.

Her owner feels that she would be ok where there are no other pets in the home. She seems ok when she meets other dogs when outside walking on a lead, but doesn’t like other dogs on her territory at home.

She has never lived with children, so a home with adults/ teenagers will probably be ideal for her.

She will pull on her lead when out walking, but once she has been ‘checked’ once or twice she settles down.

She is frightened by thunder, she travels well in the car and has a clean bill of health.

We thought that we had got the ideal home for her, but unfortunately it has fallen through.

Binky lives in the Derbyshire area.

If you are interested in giving her a loving home please contact Mrs. Chris Roberts:
Telephone: 01283 712498 or
Email: [email protected]

Posted 15th March 2018


Sooty, a 2 year old bitch was re-homed at the end of April. She was adopted last week during her ‘probation’ period.

Here?s what her new owners say –

?We?re just in from a very long walk in the rain round the race course – and she?s still full of beans!

We?ve got a couple of tug toys which she?s enjoying, showing her strength and need for fun, and we?re going out later to buy a ?kong?, to keep her amused when we have to leave her. She?s currently playing with a bit of carrot which she throws around a bit before eating it, as the photo shows.

She’s settling down and a bit calmer generally, but still has periods of ?high activity?, despite the daily long walks and other short ones too! Yesterday we went around a vast wildlife park and she?s happy on the lead even when we let our elderly ?Pepper? off hers once we?re off the road.

To help minimize?pulling and lead chewing we?ve got a harness now which, once we?ve overcome the ?game? of putting it on, she seems quite comfortable with. Not sure how long it will last, but it seems to work – I took advice from other dog owners as we?d not used one before. We?ve also started enquiries with dog trainer to learn basic commands, so as you?ve guessed, we?re definitely up for adoption.?

* Posted 15th May 2018.


Update on Basil, 15.2.18:

Basil will be going to his new home on Saturday for the usual one month trial.? We hope that all goes well.
CTRF trustees thank all who showed an interest in adopting Basil.

Update on Basil, 13.2.18:

Basil has received a lot of attention and offers of a new home via the CTRF Facebook page.? He is therefore now reserved.
Thank you to all who enquired about Basil.

Basil in need of a new home ( North East )

Basil is a petite Cairn of 17 months old who sadly finds himself looking for a new home.

His owners are heartbroken that they cannot keep him and we must stress that this is in no way a fault of either Basil or his owners and that the CTRF fully support the very difficult decision made to rehome him.

Basil is a well mannered and good natured young gentleman, used to living in a multi dog, multi breed house with dogs of both sexes. He has been living very happily with an older male Cairn.

He is happy and comfortable around children, including those visiting the home, but has not lived with them full time and has not been cat tested. He travels very well and sleeps downstairs in the kitchen in his own bed. He has two meals a day, at breakfast and then early evening and like all Cairns enjoys his treats.

Basil is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and in good health. He loves his walks and is used to wearing a harness both on his walks and in the car. He enjoys being outside having adventures, exploring the world and playing with his ball. His owner says his only vice is enjoying himself so much that he sometimes doesn?t want to come in again when he is called.

Due to Basil?s young age he will need an active household who can commit to continuing his general training and offering him plenty of daily exercise, playtime and cuddles. He would love a new fur sister or brother, if they were active enough to enjoy playing and adventuring together.

If you are interested in adopting Basil, please contact our North East Trustee, Leisa Stokel, to find out more about Basil and our adoption process and to save her from the temptation to adopt Basil herself. Leisa can be contacted by email ([email protected]) or by phone (01207 658976 after 6pm).

Posted 13th February 2018


At the beginning of February sweet 12 year old Ellie was in dire need of a new home. It was an urgent situation as she was in danger of being PTS through no fault of her own.

By liaising with another Rescue we got confirmation that we could step in and help her ( thank you Chrissy Angels Marshall It’s great when Rescues can work together).

Our Trustee John drove over to pick her up just in time to save her bless him. She had a visit to the vets where she was given a clean bill of health except for a cataract. An assessment was done and she was re-homed to someone waiting on our Johns list.

After 3 weeks of living in her new home on the usual months trial she has been adopted this week. Her new owners absolutely adore her.

We wish Ellie well in her new home and hope she has many more years of tender loving care to come.


The first photo was taken back then, the other 2 photo’s are in her new home after a grooming session.

* Posted 7th March 2018


Hamish was 2 years old when he came into rescue, sadly his previous owners special needs child didn’t bond with him, this made it very difficult for the family to continue to keep him, especially as their cats didn’t bond with him either to the extent as a puppy one of them scratched his eye so badly he had to have the eye removed. The family loved him so much and knew it was the right thing to rehome him even though it broke their heart. Knowing that we have experience in finding the right home for the best little pal in the world they rang the CTRF now he is with a loving family.
See below.

“Since this little chappie came to live with us life is full of love and laughter again
Hamish is a 2yr old full of life bouncy little Grey Brindle. . He loves to play especially ball.
Since he arrived we’ve had a little man sitting, lying, sleeping with us and giving us love and affection
We take him to the local park near the beach and he loves meeting other dogs.
He has been so good with our grandchildren, mum (90!) who loves him to bits and our friends who have animals and insist he visits with us
The snow hasn’t stopped him! He charges round the garden. (Warm towelled after!!)

He is such a lovely little boy. We love him so much
Our house is home again

Thank you Chris Hewitt and CTRF,

Maggie & Jeff ”

* Posted 6th March 2018


Jack – update 3rd February 2018:

Jack was advertised, and rehomed via the CTRF Facebook page:

Great news! Jack is on his way to his new home where he will live with his new ‘sister’ Foxy .She will show him the ropes. Have a happy new life Jack.??The photographs opposite are of Jack, part way on the journey to his new home.?We advertised him a few days ago on Facebook, thank you for all your shares, offers and comments, you make all the difference.??A special thank you to Dexter Junior Barney ( Chrissie & Dave ) for transporting him and taking his photo.

Here is his story:

29th January – 10 year old Jack (d.o.b. 12th July 2007) was looking for a new home, as his elderly owner could no longer take care of him.
– Jack was diagnosed with diabetes in June 2017 and treated with insulin injections (9 units twice each day). His his condition is stable at present.
– He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He has also had his coat trimmed, which is red in colour.
– He is house trained/lead trained and is good with other dogs, but has never lived with a cat.
– His diabetes is under control, but his sight is beginning to fade.

This little old man needed a comfortable home and caring owners to look after him for the remainder of his life.
CTRF are paying for his medication for the rest of his life, so when he goes to his new home, they won’t have to worry about vets bills for his condition.
Jack lived in Benington, Hertfordshire.

* Posted February 2018


CTRF is always very happy to receive news of the Cairns that have been rehomed.? Doris’s mum recently wrote to us to give an update on her progress and we just had to share the story.

Doris went to her new home during autumn of last year. She wasn’t advertised as our secretary and trustee, Chris Roberts already had a waiting list.

“We fostered then adopted Doris with the help of Chris Roberts to whom we are so grateful for her help and encouragement.?We picked Doris up in early October she was only 8 and a half months old. She wasn’t toilet trained, ate rubbish if she could, she was frightened of everything and everybody.

Doris has settled well and is loved by us and everyone that meets her. Her confidence has grown so much She is completely different to the dog we brought home. She has just completed her 6 week puppy foundation course which gave her lots of socialization with other puppies and people. We both enjoyed the course and hope to do more when there is a space we are in the waiting list.

It is Doris’s first birthday on Sunday and my Granddaughter age 5 is planning a party for her. Doris is still a bit stubborn on her lead but loves the opportunity to run and play ball in the safe fields near us with the other dogs. We have taken her to the beach, National Trust properties, Westonbirt Arboretum. She just loves being with us.

In a few months she will come with us for her first of many holidays in our static caravan in Devon. She is our first Cairn we have always had Westies before. She has definitely filled the gap left by our Westie who died in July. Our home is now Doris’s forever home.”

We thank Doris’s new family for giving her a new start in life and wish all of them well for their future together.

Posted 27th January 2018


Flossie – Update 26th January 2018

Flossie needed a new home through no fault of her own. She went to her new home on the usual 4 week trial last week but has been adopted already. She wasn’t advertised, she went to someone on our wait list who was a suitable match.

Her new owners say:
‘Firstly I?d like to thank John the CTRF Trustee for helping Flossie when she needed a new home and choosing us. Secondly the Cairn Terrier Rescue for starting the ball rolling for us . In a little under a week we could not imagine not having her .Thanks ever so much for all your hard work. She’s a Daddy’s girl, my partner doesn’t get a look in if I’m around.’

CTRF thank Flossie’s new family for providing a loving home and for updating us on our Facebook page and website.

Posted 26th January 2018


Max’s Gotcha Day:

Max is a Cairn Terrier who was adopted via CTRF last year. His new owner has sent us this report on the anniversary of Max’s ‘Gotcha Day’:

“Happy gotcha day to my Max. We picked him up a year ago from one of your fosterers. He is a lovely little cairn (think crossed with other things!) and is up for anything we?ve dabbled in and kept up with some….

– Obedience
– Agility
– Scentwork
– Cani-cross

Who knows what?s next?”

We thank Max’s owner for giving him a wonderful new home and for updating us with his progress.

Posted 22nd January 2018

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