Our New Homes 2017

Here are some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed in 2017.

Here are some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed in 2017. We wish them all the best of luck for their futures in their forever homes.


Eight year old Dill was in need of a new home. We don’t advertise all our Cairns who need new homes, they often go to people on our waiting list.

Dill went to his new home yesterday nicely in time for him to have a very happy Christmas where he will be absolutely adored His previous owner had a change of circumstances which meant Dill was left on his own for long periods. We wish him a long and happy life in his new home.

Posted 20th December 2017


Update 20th December, 2017:

We have heard that Fliss has now been adopted. We hope that she settles well into her new home.

Original Post:

3 Year old Fliss a Cairn X is in need of her first home. She is with Many Tears Rescue in Llanelli , Wales. Please note she is NOT with Cairn Rescue, Please follow the link for more information.

Many Tears Rescue


Update on Mutley (12th October 2017):

Mutley has gone to his new home on the usual months trial. We hope that all goes well.?

Mutley is in need of a new home (26th September 2017):

This gorgeous wee man is currently in Northern Ireland and needs a forever home.We estimate his age from 9 years upwards. He is quite active and loves his daily walks.

Mutley has had his full vaccinations and is neutered. He has had a dental treatment, full health check and is now ready for adoption.

If anyone is interested or needs to know more details please contact our Northern Ireland Trustee Leanne Stewart:

Telephone: 07788497182

Email: [email protected]


Update on Max (14th September 2017):

Max has gone to his new home on the usual one month trial. We hope that all goes well.

Update on Max (12th September 2017):

Max is now reserved.

Max is in need of a new home.

4 year old Max, a Cairn cross, is looking for a new home through no fault of his own.
He is neutered, microchipped and up to date with his inoculations, flea and worm treatments.

Max is a friendly little chap with a lovely nature, loves affection and will follow you wherever you go, but needs to be an only dog as he keeps himself away from other dogs in the home. He will make a super companion.

He is not destructive and will love to play when he is settled.
Max needs a home where there is someone around most of the time.

He is currently in Lancashire.

To enquire about Max please contact our Trustee John Francis:

Telephone: 01257 270079 Mobile: 07766 168869

Email: [email protected]

* Posted 12th September 2017


Update on Marley (28th July 2017):

Marleys current owner is going to try a new regime with him on a 2 week trial period and we will update when we know more.

Marley (27th July 2017):

Marley a dark brindle 15 month old neutered dog needs an experienced owner who is able to train Marley in not thinking he is the boss.

He has had two previous owners one of which was elderly and died, the subsequent owner seems unable to manage him.
He is ok with dogs outside the home but should not live with young children or other dogs.

We would initially like a foster home for Marley.

Marley is in Essex but can be transported to another area within a reasonable distance.

If you are interested in Fostering Marley with the possibility of adopting him, please contact our trustee

Chris Hewitt (not before 9am or after 9pm):

Telephone: 01689828788.
Email: [email protected]

* Marley was added to the website on 25th July 2017.


Update on Hamish, 29th September 2017:

17 year old Hamish in his new home.

At the beginning of September our Trustee Helen in Scotland put out an appeal for a foster home for this sweet old gent Hamish. Sadly, his disabled owners were no longer able to care for him. He had a number of health issues – particularly skin and eyes.
We have good news, he has gone to live with Katie & Angus & their Park Neuk pack. This amazing, wonderful couple take on our older and more difficult to re-home Cairn Terriers.

Thank you from all of the CTRF Team xxxx

New photographs (top three):
Photo 1:Tufty(aka Hamish 17) snuggled beside Katie on the sofa with his blanky & favourite toy
Photo 2:The Park Neuk Pack become 7
Photo 3:Here he is on the left catching a few sun rays with Daisy on the right. They both have skin issues and are looking after each other.

Here is what Katie says ?.

“When we saw the CTRF FB plea for anyone to open their hearts and home to a 17 year old Cairn with skin & eye problems , we knew we had to give this fella a chance.

We drove down to collect him & brought him back to meet his new friends. They all bonded straight away and being in a pack has definitely perked Hamish up.

Having devised a routine, special diet,supplements, skin soothing regime and exercise plan and stuck to it for a week, wee Hamish is a different dog. His legs are stronger,skin improved , no itching or being sick.

We have high hopes he will have a good quality of life & we will spoil him every day so as not to waste a single precious moment.

He is already my constant companion & a very loving wee cairn so who could wish for more.”

Update on Hamish (18th July 2017):

Hamish has been reserved.

Hamish is looking for a new home. He is a three year old dog, presently in Edinburgh. He has been much loved but his elderly owners are unable to give him the exercise which he needs.

He is a lively lad, with a lovely temperament and would love a home where he could have the opportunity to work off his energy. He could possibly live with a female dog but not a male.

Further details from our Scottish Trustee Helen Miller
Tel: 0131 449 4470
Email: [email protected]


Update on Andy, 22nd June 2017:

“The Park Neuk Pack welcome a new member:
Little Ted (formerly Andy) made an epic journey from the South to the North yesterday. He was a perfect delight in the car & wasn’t sick once!
On arrival, the meet & greet with his new friends went without a hitch & he mastered the terraced garden steps immediately.
He had a restful night (on the bed) with Fudge & Daisy and was up bright an early with Moo demanding breakfast.
After a sniff round the village , it was of to the vet for a thorough exam. Although clearly very scared, he was so brave & let our lovely lady vet give him a good going over. He has issues but we’re confident we can maintain a good quality of life & Little Ted should lead a long happy life.
We would like to thank Wendy Laker, Chris Roberts, CTRF & the wider dog community for the fabulous support we’ve received & continue to receive when taking on older dogs with special needs. We learn so much from each dog we adopt & our lives are so much richer for having them in our lives.”

The two (top right) photographs of Andy are the latest ones.

Update on Andy, 15th June 2017:

We have some good news about Andy – he is now reserved and will be going to his new home next week. It couldn’t be better because his new owner has experience of Cairns and skin conditions. He has a long way to travel ‘up north’ but CTRF are managing the transfer and it will be worth it for this lovely boy. We wish Andy and his new mum well and would like to thank all those who enquired about him.

ANDY is a 9 year old red Cairn dog who is neutered and vaccinated. He is a sweet little chap who has lots of love to give to the right person. Unfortunately he has had a tough few years due to a long term skin condition. This will need on going treatmentand this will be paid for by Cairn Terrier Relief Fund. Sadly he has had to have his tail amputated due to an old injury that was not treated.

Understandably and perhaps due to being in painand discomfort, he is anxious when being handled for treatment to his skin, eyes wiped, ears cleaned nails clipped etc. He will snap sometimes so will need muzzling when treatment is administered. Hopefully, as his condition improves he may be able to tolerate this better.

Andy was quite nervous when he first came to me. He would shy away when approached and when pushed would snap. After a week he has become very attached to me following me around the house and garden, but will still shy away if I suddenly approach him too quickly or there is a sudden noise.

He will need a new owner who is very sympathetic to his needs and is willing to continue to work with his skin condition. A home with NO children OR visiting children is a must (no exceptions!). He can live with an older calm bitch who will not bother him too much. He has been no trouble with my dogs but does prefer human company.

YouTube Videos of Andy here and here.

If you are interested in giving Andy a home you must be prepared to come to West Sussex to meet him first. Please contact me either by email [email protected] or phone 02392 631114 (please leave a message if no answer)


Millie (rehomed in May 2017):

Millie, aged 13, came into rescue with the CTRF when her owners dementia led to him having to go into residential care. She had been living with her owner’s son and family, but they wanted to find her a perfect retirement home with someone who was home during the day.

Millie was taken to a foster home near to Newcastle by the new Apprentice Trustee for the North East, Leisa Stokel. Leisa said that Millie was one of the sweetest Cairns she has met, a lovely polite and gentle girl who didnt put a paw out of place on her long journey to her foster home. The fosterers, who had agreed to take Millie for a couple of weeks to assess her while the CTRF found her a new home, were new to fostering, having lost their beloved Cairn, Rory, in May this year. They were missing Cairn company but werent sure they were ready for a new dog yet, so they were a perfect fit as foster paw-parents. But, as often happens with fosterers, within 48 hours the couple couldnt imagine Millie going anywhere else, and after a token trial period the done deed was confirmed and David and Gerri formally adopted Millie.

Leisa says I couldnt have asked for a better home for Millie, after a lot of change and upheaval she is relaxing, coming out of her shell and scampering in the fields nearby with Rorys old doggy friends and enjoying her walks to the local pub (as per the photo). So far shes ticked off quite a few North East tourist spots including the Roman Wall and Marsden Beach and given David an extra reason to go fishing as she loves fresh mackerel. She has found the perfect couple to spend her retirement with and is even settling in well with their cat (also 13 years old) – their mutual pact to completely ignore each other is a winning strategy. Im really looking forward to visiting Millie in a few weeks to see the difference since I dropped her off that first day. The only downside to Millies story is that I now need some new fosterers in the North East area, so if anyone is interested in fostering for the CTRF please contact me for further details.”:

Telephone: 01207 658976
Email: [email protected]


Update on Charlie (13th April 2017):

Charlie has now been reserved.

Charlie (11th April 2017):
Charlie is a six year old castrated dark brindle male who through no fault of his own, is in need of a loving home. His owner’s family circumstances mean they reluctantly have to part with him.

He is a fun loving dog, who would do well as a ball boy at Wimbledon, as he likes nothing better than playing catch and bringing the ball back. He has mixed with other dogs and gets on well, a home on his own or with a bitch would be preferable, he is good with children, children over 10 would be ideal.

If you can give this happy lively dog a home, please contact our trustee Chris Hewitt on:

Telephone: 01689828788 not before 9am or after 9pm or
Email [email protected]

Charlie is currently in Kent.


Update on Rusty (3rd April 2017):
Rusty went to his new home 2nd week in March 2017 and has settled well. The top photograph is the latest one.

This is what his new owner has to say about him:
“This is Rusty, I am so delighted to have him. He has settled in a treat! Such a good boy who comes to work with me, loves meeting other people and dogs including his four cairn cousins! Loves his walks and playing. He also loves snoozing in my office. Thank you for letting me have him. We are getting on a famously!”

We would like to thank Rusty’s new owner for giving him a home and for updating us.

Update on Rusty (7th March 2017):

Rusty has now been reserved.

Rusty, 6th March 2017:

Rusty a 7 year old dark brindle neutered male needs a new home through no fault of his own, as sadly Rusty’s elderly owner has dementia.
Rusty has never really mixed with children on a regular basis, so no children under the age of 12 years, he hasn’t lived with other dogs either, but on a walk he is happy to mix with other dogs, he doesn’t like cats. He is a friendly dog and used to company during the day. He is in Essex –

If you could give Rusty the home he deserves, please contact.our Trustee Chris Hewitt
Phone: 01689 828788
or email: [email protected]


Update on Shona (30th March 2017):

Shona is now reserved and we would like to thank all those who showed an interest in adopting her. We hope that all goes well for Shona when she joins her new family.

Shona is looking for a new home (28th March 2017):
Shona is a wheaten, neutered, 11 year old, bitch. She really needs to be on her own She has been showing aggression towards her house mate (another bitch who is the same age), but has not shown any aggression towards the male cairn in the household. Despite this I feel she would still be better on her own. No issues towards people.

She is in the Northampton/Wellingborough area.

Rescue will pay for any medical care for the rest of her life, except for routine vaccinations, worm and flea treatments.
The photo is one taken a year ago.

Please call our Trustee Wendy Laker on 02392 631114 or
Email [email protected]


Ollie – rehomed in March, 2017:

Ollie was rehomed by CTRF during March, 2017. We are very happy to have this update from his new family:

“Hello, we would like you to meet Ollie. Thanks to your helper Leanne in Northern Ireland and Chris Roberts, little Ollie came to live with us about 4 weeks ago when he was only about 7 or 8 weeks old having been found in an empty crisp packet in a park. He is now 12 weeks old and loving life. He has made us all very happy. Thank you to everyone at CTRF!”

Thank you from CTRF for giving Ollie a lovely new home.


Update 21st February 2017:

Good news – Fudge has now been adopted.


Fudge is a 4 yr old Cairn/ Westie bitch. She was not coping with being the middle dog of three and started behaving very aggressively towards the oldest one so has had to be rehomed.

On her own, Fudge is a delightful, friendly, loving wee dog who just wants a lot of attention and must be the only animal in the household although she is OK with other dogs outside. She is not used to children so we would prefer her to go where there are no young children either living in the house or regularly visiting. She is presently in Edinburgh.

Further details from our Scottish Trustee, Helen Miller:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0131 449 4470



Maisie was adopted via our trustee John Francis in January of this year. We are grateful for an update from Maisieherself, who has taken the time to put paw to paper. Here is what she has to say – it’s pawsome!:

Hello Uncle John and Auntie Val and the Chorley Crew! Its Maisie! I wanted to let you know how I was doing and thank you and the Cairn Terrier Relief Fund. I have settled into my new home in the Yorkshire Dales with my new Mum and Dad. When I first arrived at my new home, it was all a bit different for me. I have trained my new Mum and Dad to throw the ball for me outside and I have learnt to walk off the lead on long walks. Im enjoying my walks in the countryside where I can participate in my new hobby of rabbit watching. Dad has told me I mustnt chase rabbits, though it is okay to watch them. On days when the weather is bad I have to play indoors, though I much prefer chasing the ball in my garden. On walks through my village I have made friends with other dogs, Oscar the Border Collie and Sage the Pointer.

On a night I love to cuddle up on my Dads lap and sit on the puffee seat watching wildlife programmes with Dad and keeping Dads chair warm for him! I enjoy cuddling up next to mum on the sofa, helping my Mum, who is a teacher, plan her lessons and mark her books and exam papers. On a weekend, once a month, I visit Mum and Dads family and I have made a new friend with Jess the Border Collie, who I enjoy bossing around and playing with in the park.

Mum and Dad bought me a lovely warm basket to sleep in, though I prefer to sleep on a wool blanket on Mum and Dads bed where I can be close to them and keep them warm and enjoy the benefits of early morning cuddles off them and make sure Dad takes me out for my first walk of the day. Im also very excited as I was told this week I will be going on my first holiday to the Lake District at the end of July 2017 with Mum and Dad and I will be staying with my Uncle John and Auntie Val for two weeks in August whilst Mum and Dad will be in France.

I will be attending the CTRFs Cairntastic Fun Day on the 3rd September 2017 in Leicestershire, where I look forward to making new friends with fellow Cairn Terriers and I hope to demonstrate how well I have trained my new Mum and Dad.

Thank you very much Maisie – it is is so nice to hear how happy you are with your new mum and dad.


Update on Scotty (20th March 2017):

“Scotty is very happy in his new home. Here he is being recalled first time off the lead. He had a blast today.”

The top photograph is the most recent one of Scotty.

Update on Scotty (31st January 2017):

Scotty is now reserved and will be going to his new home at the end of next week.

Scotty (18th January 2017):

Scotty is a loveable 9 year old neutered dog who is in need of a new home.

His previous owner has died, the temporary carer, feels he needs to live in a semi rural or rural area, as where he currently lives is very busy and he isn’t good with other dogs while out for a walk.

Scotty is living with a Cairn bitch, who he gets on well with and is currently in South West London.

If you feel you can give plenty of time to Scotty and the home he deserves please contact out trustee Chris Hewitt:
Telephone:01689 828788 (not before 9am or after 9pm).
Email: [email protected]


Update on Flurry (31st January2017):

Flurry has now gone to her new home.

Flurry (20th January, 2017):

Flurry is a five year old female Cairn Terrier who is in need of a new home. She is in the care of Many Tears Rescue and is currently located in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. Information about Flurry can be found on the Many Tears website here.


Update on Misty (30th January 2017):

We have received an update on Misty who was adopted in January of this year. She was not advertised on our Facebook page or website, she went to someone on our wait list.

Misty (Dark Brindle) arrived at my house and was welcomed by myself and my 7 year-old Cairn called Judy (Wheaten).

Whilst there was joy and excitement in my heart there was also some sadness for Misty, as up to a couple of hours ago she was in her home, which she’d know for 6 years.

I did everything I could to make her feel welcome and loved, also making a fuss of Judy. We settled down for our first night as a new family.

Ten days later she’s up to speed with all the new routines and Judy is showing her how to play.

For the last 2 years Judy has been missing her big brother and withdrew when at home.. but in 10 days I can see a huge improvement and it’s lovely to see her with the spark she once had, this is because of Misty. Not only has Misty found her forever home, she’s got a big sister as well and me an owner that will love them both unconditionally…life is Wooftastic again x

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