Our New Homes 2016

Here are the stories of some of the Cairns that CTRF rehomed in 2016


Update on Angus 6th December 2016:

We have received a lovely update from Angus’s new family. The latest photographs are the two top ones.

“I managed to catch a photo of his face! He sulked afterwards though.

Angus is doing really well. He’s a darling and is already part of the family. He’s learning from Pops…in fact he copies her a lot. It’s quite sweet.

When he wakes in the morning he comes over to my side to steal a morning cuddle in bed before I get up and he waits patiently while I shower and dress. Such a good boy.

He’s enchanting everyone that meets him and he has certainly enchanted us.

I cleaned his eyes last night….he wasn’t happy but eventually surrendered so now we have both done it. Bit ‘toothy’ but that’s ok.”

Update on Angus (10th November 2016):

Angus has now gone to his new home in Kent on the usual one month trial. We hope that all goes well for Angus and his new family.

Angus is in need of a new home. (5th November 2016)

Angus a 9 year old happy neutered male needs a loving home.
He is being re-homed through no fault of is own, unfortunately there is a breakdown of his owners marriage, he loves a cuddle and a tickle of his tummy, he gets on with other dogs and has lived with female Westies, he hasn’t lived with young children.

We will pay for initial Vets fees if needed and continue to pay if he has any conditions that need treating long term.

Angus is currently in Orpington Kent.

If you feel you can give a forever home to this small dog with a big heart, please contact our trusteeChristine Hewitt on:

Telephone: 01689 828788 not before 9am (this is when I walk my dogs) and not after 9pm.

Email: [email protected].

Abbey and Raffa

Update on Abbey and Raffa (16th October 2016):

Abbey and Raffa went to their new home today. This will be on the usual one month trial. We hope that they soon settle with their new family. Thank you to everyone who showed an interest in these two lovely girls.


Abbey and Raffa (14th October 2016):

Abbey and Raffa both 10 years old bitches, spayed and fully vaccinated. Their owner has sadly died.
They are both happy typical cairns, good with children and meeting other dogs.

Abbey and Raffa are currently in Stroud, Gloucester.

If you feel that you could give Abbey and Raffa a loving and caring home for the rest of their lives please contact:

Anne Weaver (Cirencester)
Telephone: 01285 654782 or
Emails: [email protected]


Update on Max (24th September 2016):

Max has now been rehomed and is on the usual one month trial. He will be joining another CTRF rescue Cairn.

**Max is looking for a new family**

Max is a 2 year old Cream coloured, neutered young lad. He is looking for a new home due to illness in his previous family. There is not much to say about Max other than he loves people, loves dogs, likes children, loves life in general. He is a typical bouncy and energetic young boy who knows basic commands such as Sit, Down and Come. He would be more than happy to share his new home with another dog of the same temperament as long as there are no cats involved!!

Here is a short video of Max playing with my own dogs.

You can also meet Max at the Fun Day this Sunday 25 September, 2016. For information about this upcoming event in Leicester, please see News page here.

If you are interested then please contact me, Wendy Laker by either:
Email [email protected] or
Telephone: 02392631114 (Chichester West Sussex)


Update on Brodie (1st September 2016):

Here is a report about Brodie from his new owner: “Brodie is doing well. He is such a great wee character and full of life and lovely to have around.Thanks Cairn Rescue Helen Miller for making it happen.”

The two top photographs are of Brodie in his new home.


Update on Brodie (19th August 2016):

Brodie has now been reserved.


Brodie is in need of a new home (18th August 2016):

We are looking for a new home for Brodie – a two year old un-neutered dog who is presently with his elderly owners in Edinburgh. They already have another Cairn and a combination of age and disability means they regretfully have to part with Brodie. He is quite a dominant dog and something of an escapologist. He might be able to live with a bitch but not another dog. He has been used to having somebody around all day so would be better with somebody who was not working and who could give him much needed exercise, training and stimulation.

Here is what his owner says about him:

“He is a hunter, if the truth be known, an adorable wee boy, he’s Wheaten, and was born in June 2014 and has been microchipped. He loves to talk to you, not bark. We love him to bits, and we feel he needs the outdoor life kinda…he loves to hunt…I don’t do him justice when I take him out, as he needs to be free from the leash…I’m afraid to, in case he doesn’t come back, he loves to sniff indoors, he loves to come up and curl on your knee, he loves being petted, and being spoken to, and he loves playing with you outside with his toys… He’ll chase after what you throw, but he doesn’t like giving you it back…he did when he was younger, but he plays with you, loves getting treats, sits and gives you a paw, when asked… He’s a lovely beautiful wee dog, he jumps up rather than bounces… And he’s quick…We want him to have the best, the best that we can’t give him…”

Anybody who thinks they can offer a home please contact Helen Miller ([email protected]or 0131 449 4470 )

Brandon and Dylan

Update on Brandon and Dylan (30th August 2016):

Brandon and Dylan are on their way to their new home today on the usual months trial. We hope they are very happy in their new home, we are sure they will be.

Update on Brandon and Dylan (21st August 2016):

Brandon and Dylan have now been reserved. We hope to have news of them in their new home at a later date.

Brandon and Dylan are in need a new home together (15th August 2016):

Brandon and Dylan are currently in Durham, North-East and are 5 and 4 year old neutered male Cairn Terriers, both are micro-chipped. Their owners are going to work abroad but they would prefer that the dogs stay in the UK. Thesetwo Cairns havenever lived with children.

They have basic commands such as sit, name; come, no and basket and are friendly and sociable with people and, in general, other dogs. Brandon can be irritated by large In your face dogs (e.g. Labradors). Occasionally they will be irritated by large lorries and loud motorbikes. Also, Brandon is not keen on car travel and may whine.

If you are interested in offering Brandon and Dylan a home together, or want more information, please contact :
John Francis
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 01257 270079 (if not answered please leave a message).


Update on Rory (24th September 2016):

Here is a message from Rory Cairn to John (our CTRF representative):

“Hello John.

It’s Rory here.. just thought I would send you a note to let you know how I am getting on in my new home. When I got here last week, it was all a bit different for me, but I am starting to really enjoy it. I was just calming down on day 2 and there was one of those flashy banging things in the sky, I HATE those, my new mum said it was a thunder storm and it wasn’t anything to worry about.. anyway, I just barked like crazy at it and dealt with it that way… that’ll show it!!!

We had to go to the place with the high tables and white floors and my new mum was a bit worried about me, as this lady wanted to give me a sharp stingy thing in my neck, turns out it was some vaccinations or something and I got a treat afterwards which was ace! I am loving Ilkley, I attached a photo of me on the moors, I look alright in this one don’t I? Anyway, there’s this other dog that lives here, called Duffy, she’s a Westie and an old lady, we didn’t talk too much in the first week, but now she keeps coming over and wiggling her bum at me? Think she’s trying to play, but I have been told that I have to respect my elders, so I am doing just that… we do guard daddy’s chair though while he goes to work.. as you will see in the attached photo, Duffy was in charge of remote controls that day.

I was let off the lead the other day, only for 5 minutes but it was amazing! As every time I went back to new mum, I got these delicious treats! Well worth going back for!.. so we keep doing that in “baby steps” as new mum calls it, something about trust and me chasing after those flying things in the sky… whatever!!? I have got loads of new stuff, got a new harness, which helps as that thing round my neck makes me choke sometimes when I am excited about going out.. I even got a new barber jacket?! Haven’t got a photo in that yet though as it’s not raining today, but will send you one when I do have it on. All in all, it’s pretty cool.. I have learnt to leave stuff and wait for things.. which is a bit boring, but I normally get a really good treat for doing it.. don’t see the point myself, but new mum says it’s so I won’t eat Duffy’s dinner.. I never was good at sharing, but they say that’s ok for now.

All in all it’s great here, I know new mummy is happy and she’s keeps asking me “who’s a good boy?”… do you know who’s a good boy John? as I don’t know and can’t see anyone else around me… ooooh maybe it’s me???”


Update on Rory (10th August, 2016):

Rory is now reserved.

Rory (8thAugust2016)

Rory is need of a new homethrough no fault of his own. He is currently in the Wirral – North West England.

He is a 5 year old neutered male Cairn Terrier. Rory has never lived with another dog but likes to play with other dogs when out. He is OK off the lead and will run off to play with other dogs but always comes back. He has also lived with children.

Rory has basic commands such as sit, name; paw, lie down but can be distracted, apparently a treat focuses his attention.

If you are interested in offering Rory a home please contact our representative:
John Francis
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01257 270079

Photographs of Rory in his new home

(24th September 2016):


Marty 060816

Update on Marty (11th August 2016):
We have received a message about Marty from our Scottish trustee, Helen Miller:

“Marty is now reserved and on the usual month’s trial. More updates to come. Thank you to those who offered him a home. Helen has all your contact details and hopes you might be able to help with other similar Cairns in Scotland which need a home in the days to come.”

Marty is in need of a new home (6th August 2016)

Marty is almost three years old and is presently living in Scotland. He is a very high energy dog who is very reactive, particularly to anything which moves (joggers, cyclists, mobility scootersetc). Living as he does, in the middle of a housing scheme where there are footpaths and pavements right beside his house, he has become territorial and noisy. His owners feel he needs to be somewhere more rural where he can work off his energy safely.

Indoors he is a lovely little boy who loves play with his toys and learn new tricks then to cuddle up to his owners to sleep. He is neutered and house trained. He will bring much joy to the right people.

We are looking for a more rural home where he can enjoy long walks. He is not very good with small children but would be fine with 10 yr olds up.

Please contact our Scottish Trustee, Helen Miller (0131 449 4479) for more details.


Update on Scuff, 2nd February 2017:

Here is a follow up from Scruff himself:

“Good Day everyone.My name is Scruff, at least I think it is. I say that because I am profoundly deaf and cannot hear my boss calling me, so he just claps his hands. I can hear that. My early life has been lost to me as I cannot remember it Im about 12 years old and thats a good age for a smart dog like me, so my memory is rather poor.

I used to live in the Harrogate area of Yorkshire until one day in late July 2016, when I was gently lifted into a big car and taken to Wetherby, not the town, but the service station on the A1. Gosh it was busy; never seen as many people and cars in one place.Here I met someone new, a chap whom I later found out to be my new boss.He seemed to like me and gave me a cuddle. I liked that! Not long after that I was popped into a new car, tethered to the seat and we set off north.

Jumping out of the car and looking through the gate I spied a dog looking at me from inside the house!A small dark round face was staring at me and yes – it was another Cairn Terrier.

Maisie is a good pal though she doesnt bother with me very much. She is also 12 and has been with my owner for about 5 years. She, like me, sleeps most of the time.

So how has it been these last 6 months?Pretty good! My walks take me to places where I dont need to be on a lead, I have a really comfy bed, although Maisie sometimes pinches my bed for herself (I then use her bed), the dogs around here are very friendly and so are their owners. I am well treated and cared for and live in a warm pleasant house. What I enjoy most is tightly cuddling up to my boss whilst he rests his hand on my back, its so nice to be wanted and appreciated. Yup, lifes just fine!”

*The top two photographs are the latest.

Update 8th August 2016:

Scruff has settled into his new home now.He has a ‘sister’ to keep him occupied and is getting on just fine.

Update 27th July 2016:

Scruff has now been reserved.

Scruff (25th July 2016):

Scruff is a 12 year old male Cairn Terrier who is in need of a new home through no fault of his own. He is neutered and is very healthy and active. He is used to living with another dog but would be quite happy living on his own.

He currently lives in North Yorkshire. The CTRF would help with any veterinary bills that Scruff may incur in the future due to his age.

If you feel you could offer Scruff a loving home please contact our CTRF Trustee.

John Francis –
Email address –[email protected]
Phone number – 01257 270079


The story of Oscar, from our secretary Chris Roberts (26th August 2016).

I thought you might like to hear about Oscar, one of our happy ever after stories, but let me set the scene first.
On the 8th August Sue contacted me to say she was looking for a female Cairn to re-home, as she had recently lost hers and her working Cocker Spaniel was missing her .so was Sue and her husband.

She completed the registration form and returned it to me the same day. The Cairns that were in Cairn Rescue were either reserved or they had possible homes to go to, but Sue was prepared to wait for the right Cairn to come along.
Fortunately she didnt have long to wait and as fate had it the following day Cairn Rescue were contacted by Pauline at Porthcawl Animal Rescue, South Wales who said she had a 12 month old neutered male Cairn named Oscar who was looking for a forever home as his owner had gone into a nursing home.

Sue travelled up to the Animal Rescue, fell in love Oscar and took him back to her home in Dorset.. and as they say The rest is history. As you can see from the photographs he is settling in very well and he recently was place 2nd in a rescue class at a local fun dog show.


Update on Toto (7th August 2016):

We have received an update on Toto who was adopted in June of this year. He was not advertised on our Facebook page or website.

“After the loss of our 4 year old cairn Oscar we adopted Tyko (now Toto). Through the Cairn Terrier Relief Fund in June. He’s a lovely little boy and settled in so well like he has always been here. Loves his walks and fuss and seems very content. Very well behaved off the lead. Little fussy with his food like our last cairn. Would definitely recommend getting a rescue dog and the CTRF were very helpful.

Here’s a few pics of him in his forever home.”


Summary: Baxter is a Cairn Terrier cross who was very badly injured in a road traffic accident. He was taken to Pool House Veterinary Hospital in Staffordshire. We have been following, and recording his progress on our Facebook page. For those people who are not members of Facebook, here is the story of Baxter’s battle to return to health.

Here is a video of brave little Baxter:

Cairn Terrier Relief Fund has been funding Baxter’s treatment and we would be grateful for any donations in order to continue this care.

Baxter Update – 18th May from Pool House Veterinary Hospital, Staffordshire
“Over the last few days Baxter and been making real progress. He is not totally out of the woods yet but doing really well and is much happier in himself. He is now going out for little walks.

Thanks again for all of your continued support of the practice and to the Cairn Terrier Relief Fund who, very generously, have offered to pay for all of Baxters treatment.”

For anyone who would like to make a donation to us in Baxter’s honour, please use the Donate button on this website.

Update From Pool Vets- 17th May 2016
Baxter is doing well, he’s eating and drinking, and his bladder and intestines appear to be in working order, so everyone at Pool House and CTRF have started to breath again. He’s still taking things very steady, as he is still quite weak from the trauma and operations that he has endured, but bless him he’s a fighter!!!!!

Update From Chris Roberts CTRF Secretary – 13th May 2016
I visited Baxter today at Pool House, as I thought that I might not ever see him alive again as he has been so poorly. He is a strong little dog, but is still quite weak after his emergency operation two days ago. He has a catheter fitted and is still being given his meds intravenously, he’s also quite drowsy due to the medication. However he appears to have turned a corner as his bladder appears to be functioning properly (even though at present it’s via a catheter), but better still after being scanned this afternoon his intestines appear to be functioning properly. We have got everything crossed for him at the CTRF and are now quite hopeful that this little guy will pull through. Pool House Vets and staff are phenomenal!

Update From Pool Vets – 11th May 2016
Over the past couple of days Baxter has suffered a set back, as he was not responding to his medication. He was scanned and found to have a couple of lesions on his bladder possibly due to the car accident. An emergency operation was performed to repair the damage to his bladder and he is now back on the intravenous medication, and is responding well. I have been assured that his prognosis is good, and that he is comfortable. Thank you to everyone who has made donations towards his veterinary treatment it is very much appreciated, and thank you to everyone at Pool House Vets who are all so much involved and concerned about this little dog.

Update on Baxter from Pool Vets – 6th May 2016
Having been brought to us following a road traffic accident last Friday, Baxter was stabilized in our hospital over the weekend. Unfortunately for Baxter, he had sustained complex pelvic fractures causing irreparable damage to the nerves supplying his left hind limb. Sadly this has resulted in the leg becoming unsalvageable and 2 days ago, amputation of this leg was performed. Little Baxter is a fighter and is recovering very well from his surgery.

We have been approached by the Cairn Terrier Relief Fund who, very generously, have offered to pay for all of Baxters treatment.


Update on Digger – 29th July 2016

Sometimes Cairns who come into rescue are not advertised because we already have a suitable adopter on our waiting list. Digger was one of these and was re-homed in June 2016. We have received a happy update from Diggers new owner .

“Had this wee guy Digger 2wks now really settled in well enjoying the long walks feeling so much fitter digger looks great too can’t thank Chris Roberts enough for letting us adopt this wee boy”.

The two pictures to the right are Digger on his own and in the words of his new owner, the second shows,“Digger with my son’s & daughter in law’s boys Riley the shepherd and Kobi the Beagle Best friends already after only a few weeks”.

CTRF thank Digger’s new owners and we are all very glad that this has been a successful adoption.


Kadi – update 26th April 2016.

We have been informed that Kadi has now been adopted.


Kadi is a 10 month old Cairn Terrier/West Highland White Terrier cross who is in need of a new forever home. He is in the care of Many Tears Rescue. All information and photographs can be seen on their website here.

Posted 20th April 2016


Update on Woollie – 27th July 2016.

Good news about Woollie – he has settled in well with his new family. Here he is a picture of him, off the lead playing ball in the field with his best friend Jack. Wee Jack has no eyes but sniffs the ball and when it’s thrown he chases it , sniffs it out and brings it back. He is a legend! He too is a wee rescue dog and has a “brother” called Harvey! Great fun….only two hours to get Woollie back on the lead this week!

Update on Woollie – 20th April 2016.

Woollie has now gone to a new home on the usual one month trial. We hope that all goes well.

oollie is looking for a forever home. He is approx 9 years old, (not too certain whether he is neutered), but he is micro-chipped.

Apparently he had escaped from his owners garden and was found wandering. He was handed into a local animal rescue, who had him scanned, and was taken back to his owners, who kept him for 2 days, then they contacted the animal rescue to tell them that they no longer wanted him and asked them to re-home him due to him constantly escaping

He is presently in the Rotherham area (to be confirmed), where he is being assessed, and so far has been found to have food aggression, as he continually growls whilst he is eating.

He also guards toys, but is fine when being handled, particularly when bathed and trimmed at the local dog groomer’s salon.

We are still trying to get more details about him, but we feel that he needs to be the only pet in the house, and no children under the age of 12 years.

If you think you can give Woollie a forever home please contact

Chris Roberts [email protected] Tel: 01283 712498

Thank you

Abby and Shona

Abby and Shona – update 27th July2016.

Good news about Abby and Shona – here they are with their new ‘brother’ Doug (top picture).They have settled well in their new home and all get on together.

Abby and Shona – update 20th April 2016.

Abby and Shona have now gone to their new home on the usual one month trial. We hope that all goes well.

Abby and Shona are ready for rehoming – update 16th March 2016.

Abby is 10 years old and wheaten in colour. She is a very active and bouncy little girl who just loves attention from people. She is good with dogs she meets she does pull on the lead but has never been off lead so has zero recall!! She is generally a very happy cheerful little soul.

Shona is also 10 years old and red in colour. Shona is also a people lover. She too is good dogs she meets and tends to ignore them. As with Abby she does pull on the lead but never having been let off lead she has zero recall! She is the boss of the pair, especially where food is concerned. She will steal Abby’s food as well as defending her own meals.

They have both been with older children (9-10yrs) under supervision. I do not know about behaviour with cats but seriously doubt a cat will survive! Both girls are micro chipped. Abbey will need spaying after her next season, CTRF will pay for this.

Please contact Wendy Laker for further details [email protected] . They are currently in West Sussex (Chichester area)

Abby and Shona – update 9th March 2016

A foster home has now been found for Abby and Shona. They are currently being assessed. It is hoped that they will be ready for adoption in the near future. We will update our Facebook page and the website when that time comes.

***Foster Home Needed for two Cairn Terriers***

Abby (wheaten) and Shona (red) are desperately looking for a long term foster home. Their elderly owner is in hospital and doctors are currently not sure when or if she will be back home.

Abby and Shona are both 10 years old, and very bouncy and spritely for their age. They are currently living in kennels but really need to come back into a warm household. Abbey needs to go on a diet, but both are generally fit and healthy. They have never lived with children or cats and would possibly suit an elder householdmaybe with visiting grandchildren etc but any willing foster home would be considered.

If you think you can help these 2 girls in the long term or the short-term as a suitable foster home please get in touch with me Wendy Laker at [email protected]

Please note that I am away from Tuesday 1st March to Friday 4th March 2016.


Update on Gizmo (20th April 2016):

Gizmo has now been adopted. We thank all who enquired after him and hope that all goes well for him and for his new family.

Update on Gizmo (12th January 2016):

Gizmo is now reserved. He will be going to his new home soon on the usual one month trial. We hope that everything goes well for Gizmo and his new family.


He is 6 months old, and from his photos he looks like a dark brindle. He hasnt been neutered yet as hes too young, but he is fully vaccinated and micro-chipped.

His owners purchased him at 8 weeks old and have become very fond of him, but they havent made their decision lightly, as they contacted the CTRF in early December, and decided to keep him until after Christmas.

His owner is now due to go into hospital next week, and as much as they love him they know that they wont be able to take care of him.

He is a typical male Cairn puppy and is full of beans. He is lead trained, but hasnt been allowed off the lead on his walks.

He isnt 100% house trained yet, as hes not too keen on going outside in the rain!!!!!

He lives with a Jack Russell (spayed bitch), so he would be ok with a female, but not a male dog.

He will chase cats!!!

He has lived with children and is good with them, but does get excited with them.

Is there anyone who can give this young lad a second chance pleasehe deserves it.

He is still with his owners in Sleaford, who will be devastated when they have to let him go.

Please contact Chris Roberts email [email protected]


Update on Rascala (6th March 2016):

We understand that Rascala has now been adopted.

Update on Rascala (30th January 2016):

Rascala has not yet found a forever home although she is living quite happily in a foster home with other dogs. There are some lovely pictures of her, and detailed information about her on the Many Tears Website here. After a very poor start in life it would be lovely to see her have a loving, forever home of her own.

Rascala is a 4 year old Cairn Terrier bitch. She is being cared for by Many Tears dog rescue and information about her can be found on their website here.

Bonnie and Sooty

Update on Bonnie and Sooty, 3rd October 2016:

We always like to hear news of our rehomed Cairns so it’s good toreceive a message and photographs from Bonnie and Sooty’s new family:

“Hi, we adopted Bonnie and Sooty from Helen at Edinburgh last year. They are really settled now and we wouldn’t be without them. Their big brother Jock thinks they’re ok too ! Thanks, Carol and Jez Aberdeen”

Update 5th January 2016:

Bonnie and Sooty went to their new home on the usual one month trial. We hope that all goes well for them with their new family.

Bonnie and Sooty are now reserved (19th December 2015):

Our trustee, Helen Miller informs us that Bonnie and Sooty are reserved.

Bonnie and Sooty are in need of a new home (3rd December 2015):

Bonnie and Sooty are looking for a new home together. They are having to be rehomed because their owner’s job situation has changed and they were having to be left at home for long periods. Both are neutered, microchipped and all injections are up to date.

Bonnie is seven. She is quite a nervous, highly strung little dog but is also quite feisty. She can jump so needs a secure garden.

Sooty is nine and is an excellent foil for her as he is much more laid back and biddable. They are presently in Scotland.

Further details from our Scottish Trustee Helen Miller. Email address: [email protected]

Bonnie and Sooty in their new home (updated 3rd October 2016):


Update 1st January 2016:

According to the Many Tears website, Ocean has now been adopted. What a lovely start to 2016. We wish Ocean and her new family a happy life together.

Ocean, a one year old female Cairn cross (21st December 2015):

Ocean is a female one year old Cairn Terrier cross who is in the care of Many Tears Animal Rescue in Carmarthenshire. Her details and photographs can be found on their website here.

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