Our New Homes 2015

Here are the stories of some of the Cairns that CTRF rehomed in 2015:


Update on Frolic (11th December 2015):

Frolic has now gone to his new home on the usual one month trial. We thank his new family and hope that everything goes well.

Frolic – 7 year old wheaten entire male who will be castrated shortly. He is fully vaccinated and microchipped. Frolic needs to be only male in the home but would accept living with a female.

26th November 2015


Update on Tiger (11th December 2015):

Tiger has now gone to his new home on the usual one month trial. We thank his new family and hope that all goes well.

Tiger – 5 year old Dark brindle complete male who will be castrated shortly, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Needs to be only dog in home.

26th November 2015


Update on Ebo (28th January 2016):

Here is an update on Ebo from his new family:

“I just wanted to send you a message regarding Ebo who I adopted from your page, I received his adoption papers today and I would love to give you an update, Firstly I would like to thank Helen Miller & Yvonne for their help & patience. Ebo has settled into my & his home perfectly smile emoticon it’s as if he’s always been here! Having had two previous Cairns I never thought I’d love another dog like I loved my last however this wee fella has stolen my heart, he is the most loving, gentlest Cairn I’ve ever known, he’s been great with everyone that comes to the house, giving love & demanding attention & cuddles, he certainly came into my life at the right time & is loved by everyone that meets him, even the postman. Thank you all so much for the best Christmas present in letting Ebo come to me & his new home xxx””

We are delighted that he has settled so well in his new home and that Ebo and his new family are enjoying each other’s companionship.
Pictures two and three are of Ebo in his new home.

Update on Ebo (7th December 2015):

Ebo is now reserved and will be going to his new home today (7th December 2015) on a one month trial basis as usual.
Thank you to Ebo’s new family and we hope that all goes well.

Ebo is in need of a new home (3rd December 2015):

Ebo is looking for a new home as his owner can no longer care for him adequately. He is a strong, healthy boy, aged 7. He is a typical cairn with an attitude problem towards other male dogs, but is generally biddable although has not been off lead for a long time.

Further details from our Scottish Trustee Helen Miller. Email address: [email protected]


Update on Wuffit (1st December 2015):

Wuffit has been rehomed on the usual one month trial by someone whose Cairn has sadly died. This is what he has to say about Wuffit:

“Hi Anne
Early days yet but Wuffit is enjoying exploring her new home.
Thanks so much for your time on Sunday.”

Wuffit (26th November 2015):

Wuffit is a 9 year old red Cairn. She is an ex breeding bitch and has not been speyed, although she is fully vaccinated and microchipped. She has been living in a kennel so will need some help to adjust to living indoors.

If you feel that you could give Wuffit a loving home, please contact Anne Weaver, 01285 654782 (Cirencester) or email: [email protected]


Update on Pepper, 16th November 2015:

Trustee Ann Weaver has sent this update on Pepper:
She went to her new home in Lincolnshire yesterday (Saturday, 14th November 2015) and I hope things work out. The usual one month trial applies. We would like to thank Pepper’s new family for offering her a home and wish them all well for their future together.
Thank you


Pepper is in need of a new home (9th November 2015).

Pepper is an 8 year old spayed bitch currently living in Seaton, Devon with a 10 year old female Westie who belongs to the daughter. She now has a job which requires her to be away from home for certain periods of time and on these occasions she takes the Westie with her. When she returns home Pepper can be aggressive towards the Westie, therefore I feel it would be preferred that she was the only dog in the home. She has not lived with children and is usually a very friendly dog.

If you feel that you could give Pepper a forever home please call Anne Weaver 01285 654782(Glos) email: [email protected]


Update on Tayto, 1st November 2015:

Happy news today – Tayto has now been rehomed to a lady who lives not too far away from his original home. He is on the usual one month trial and we very much hope that all goes well. Smile

Tayto in Northern Ireland needs a new home – 28th October 2015

TAYTO is a 12 year old castrated microchipped very friendly little dog living in County Down, Northern Ireland. He is looking for a forever home due to the work committments of his owner who has been taking Tayto to work. However, this is not convenient. Tayto has grown up with children.

If you feel you could give Tayto a home please contact his owner:
Anne Farnan: 07968033863 or email: [email protected]
Trustee: Anne Weaver 01285 654782 or email: [email protected]


Sam (formerly Prince) – update 29th October 2015:

Further news on Sam (formerly Prince) – he is settling well in sunny Bognor Regis – he had an appointment with the vet today – a lovely lady called Claire. He has to have his two upper canines removed as they are both chipped – other than that he is in good condition.
He had a bus ride today too, I was a little concerned about his reaction but he was as good as gold, just sitting on my lap taking everything in.

Update 17th October 2015:

Prince is now reserved and we hope that all goes well for him in his new home.

Prince is in need of a new home (16th October 2015)

Prince is a 6 year old un-neutered male Cairn who is looking for a forever home. He is presently living with his owners in the Oldham area. Due to his owners work commitments they feel that it isnt fair on him, as they no longer have the time to walk him or be with him etc., and they will be devastated when they part with him, but they realise its in his best interests. He is micro chipped, and is up to date with his vaccinations, worm and flea treatment.

Prince has been with his owners since he was just 10 weeks old and he has been a very healthy dog and much loved dog, and still is. He is very good on walks and after the initial excitement he settles down and is content to keep quite close to his owners.

If given the chance he will chase cats and birds. He does get excited when he his meeting people/dogs on his walks, but is very calm most of the time.
He has lived with children and is described as being good with them. He his house trained, lead trained and is good in the car. He is used to sleeping on his own bed in his owners bedroom!!!

He has never shared his home with other animals, so were not sure how he would react with another dog, and would prefer that he goes to a home without other pets except perhaps for a female (spayed) dog. Ideally he would suit someone who is still able to take him walks regularly.
If you think you would like to give Prince a forever home then please contact:-

Chris Roberts ~ Tel: 01283 712498 or email: [email protected]


Update 12th February 2016:

“Fergus is very much loved. He goes for long walks. Fergus sleeps on the bed and he loves getting cuddles.

Fergus speaks all the time. He has so many dog toys, he is spoilt for choice.

Lots of people speak to Fergus when he is out on his walks and he has his own fan club”

Update 16th October 2015:

Fergus is now reserved; he will be going to his new home next week on the usual months trial.

Fergus from Scotland is in need of a new home (9th October, 2015)

Fergus is a ten year old neutered dog, presently located in Edinburgh. He tends to be rather aloof but does not want to be left out of what is going on! He loves his walks and walks well on a lead once he gets going but pulls initially (and he is a very strong boy! ) He is very overweight and requires to have extremely careful feeding and good regular exercise to get him back in trim and fitness. He has obviously been used to doing his own thing and is not well socialised with other dogs, although he seems OK with bitches. He is used to traffic and unperturbed by noise. He tends to be quite vocal!

He will need a knowledgeable kind owner who will guide him and stimulate him. He needs the confidence to socialise with other dogs to learn it can be fun. We would not recommend he runs free – he would probably not come back unless you had a roast dinner available ( !) and anyway he would probably not get on with other dogs to start with, especially males.

It is probably best he is rehomed on his own and certainly not with a male dog. He might be OK with a laid back bitch. I would also recommend he has someone at home as we think he has always been used to that. Once he has some dog friends to play with he might learn to like it over time!

Initial enquiries to Scottish Trustee, Helen Miller ([email protected])


A Cornish Cairn (6th October 2015)
This is the story of Pash, a five year old speyed bitch who lived with her elderly lady owner. Sadly, the lady became ill and unable to care for her pet. Pash was being occasionally walked by local children but had become a little overweight.

Our trustee Anne Weaver was asked to rehome her urgently. Happily, as soon as the little Cairn was advertised on Facebook (5th October 2015) a family who also live in Cornwall came forward to offer Pash a home with their own Cairn, Toki.

We are happy to report that Pash went to her new home today (6th October 2015) and that the two Cairns are getting on very well together. Here are some lovely photographs of them, one of Pash enjoying some food in the kitchen and the other with her new pal, Toki at the top of the stairs (Pash on the left). Pash is on the usual one month trial and we hope that everything works out for her and her new family.



Archie – update 8th September, 2015
Archie went to live in a small village in Scotland at the beginning of last month – Sheona Fortune, a good friend of the CTRF went along to meet him today to see how he is getting along; here is her update and it looks as though Archie is settling in very well and got his feet firmly under the table.

“Had a lovely couple of hours with Archie and his new family in a small village in Scotland right by the coast, where he has settled in very well, he met me at the door with John and was pleased to see me, with a little gift of a squeaky bone, which he ran off with and squeaked so hard, that John had to take it from him to allow us to hear ourselves speaking. He clearly loves both John and Eileen(hope this is correct spelling). He went up on Johns knee to find the bone then went over to Eileen to see if she had it then laid down at her feet and rested for a little while. They both say he still looks for his master but is now getting used to the idea he has a new home and familyJohn says he was very quiet for a few days when they first came home with him, but has since found his voice, especially now he has claimed the back of the couch as his own lookout post. He will bark when anything/anyone comes into the garden as it is now his territory poor postman, but I’m sure they are used to that.The back garden is Archie’s and very secure it is too, he has found a flower bed that he likes to sun himself in, the flowers are now flat, but John says he will put some grass in for next year to allow him to lie in comfort.He enjoys his walks to the beach but can be a bit vocal with other dogs he does not know, but sure he will soon get used to his new found friends. Archie has lots of friends around the village and the family adore him.I had a wee play with him with a squeaky rat, which he loves to chew on, you will see him here in these photos playing happily with it. “


Max – update 20th August 2015 – Max is now reserved.
Today Max met his new family who are experienced Cairn owners. They will be collecting him on Saturday and taking him home. We wish him all the best for the future.

Update 5th September 2015.
Max from Scotland is settling in well, he is still on his trial period but we think he’s landed on all 4 paws, everything crossed. We’ll keep you updated but so far so good. Here is a little update from his new owners:

“Max is settling in really well and enjoying his life here in Stourport on Severn He has been no trouble and we have not found any attitude problem not like our last Cairn.”

We thank Max’s new family for giving him a lovely home and wish them all well for their future together.

Thank you


Bob – update 14th August 2015 – Bob has now gone to his new home on the usual four week trial. We hope that all goes well for Bob and his new family.

Update 6th September 2015
Remember Bob, approx 13 years of age, his owner had recently passed away? Well, he’s settled in his new home and this is an update from his new mum:-

“A little more about our old boy. He has settled as if he has always been here. A wise soul making the best of everything. His deafness does affect things a bit, but I notice his ears are always pricked as if in the hope of picking up a sound. I get the feeling that sometimes he does…..it may be vibrations. He got nose to nose with a very frisky pup the other day and was very unimpressed!!
My husband can’t get ready to go for the papers fast enough……great excitement, and a lot of barking until they get out of the gate.
He has a way of wriggling round to get his ears tickled, then suddenly he’s on his back and his tummy is presented to be tickled. Somebody has loved him a lot and he presumes this will go on…..He’s right!!!!
By the way his new name is ‘Glen’.”

We thank Glen’s new family for giving him a lovely home and for updating us. We wish them all well for their future together.

Thank you


Socks finds a new home – update 26th July 2015
Socks was recently officially adopted after being advertised on our Facebook page. He has settled in with his new Border Collie pal and is very happy. Here are some photographs of Socks and a message from his new owner

” Socks has settled in great feels like we’ve had him for ages, Balla our collie loves to play with him and when my son arrives with his westie and cairn the fun really starts. Socks is a really loving little fella I get plenty of cuddles, he has also settled in well with the pack when we meet for our afternoon walk and of course fun playing ball.”


Five year old ‘Saoires’ a Cairn cross, (now named Suzy) – update from our Facebook page, 14th July 2015.
We are very happy to report that Suzy went to her new home yesterday with a retired teacher who will give her time and TLC. She has a very calming voice and had her sitting almost straight away. We wish Suzy all the best in her new home. Thank you all for your enquiries, sharing & commenting.
“Saoires tends to be nervous on first greeting but is very loving. The reason she has come into rescue is that she was being left for long periods.”

Hamish and Suzy

Hamish and Suzy – latest update 28th June 2015 – a lovely thank you from Katie and Angus Fyfe.

Hamish and Suzy were rehomed last year to owners who are very experienced with terriers. We received an update on 26th June 2014 to say that both dogs had settled down and immediately got on well with the owners’ own dogs, a Westie and a Cairn. This is our most recent update:

Hamish at 11.

Although blind, Mish as we often call him, loves life. His tail wags all day (and night as he quite often gets up to greet Angus at 3am after a late shift on the buses) it can cheer the saddest heart. A high point of his day is the coal run to my parent’s cottage. As I am filling their coal scuttles, he clears up their kitchen of cat food. A real treat comes in the form of a real bone from the butchers.
He walks really well and confidently on a well defined path and our enclosed garden is a proper estate for him to survey safely each morning and evening, joining in at whatever woofing contest the rest of the pack are taking part in.
Highlight of the year has to be getting his rosette at Alva.

Suzy at 11.

She has come a very very long way. It took nine months for her food allergies and illnesses to subside and enable her to turn into a very healthy little dog.On top of that she has some extreme fears that are slowly being overcome. Maybe next year she will step up and get a red rosette.

She has taught us to be very aware of quality food ingredients and to watch what we all eat.

I have learned to groom the pack and this has helped Suzy too. It is one of her big fears. She had formed a pact with Fudge and Daisy the pack hunters, and despite being an older cairn, she can show a rabbit or pheasant the there is definitely life in this old dog yet.
We have always adopted older dogs but these two have showed us that there is always something to be learned and our lives can still be enriched even further.

The centre and bottom photographs on the right hand side were taken on 28th June 2015 and they are sent with many thanks to all involved with the CTRF. Firstly for pairing us with two such inspirational older cairns and secondly for providing support to enable us to ensure they get a long happy and healthy life together.

Katie and Angus Fyfe

Sasha and Skye

Sasha and Skye – update 6th March 2016

Here is a new photograph of Sascha and Skye (the bottom one). We have also received the following update from their new family:

Just before Christmas, Skye somehow injured her back leg and had to be put on ‘walk rest’. She has recovered and is now back to her old self again. The positive over this time was being able to do a little training with Sasha leading up to letting her off the lead. As she is very food orientated, she soon learnt that a treat was waiting when she came back when called! But, typical cairn, she has sometimes come back when she is ready! One time she found her way over to the nearby golf course! Fortunately there were no golfers around and eventually decided to come back! What is so wonderful about being able to release her is to see her running around chasing squirrels and having the freedom to do so. She loves it! It’s hard to believe that she must now be 13 but has the energy of a two year old. Skye goes off the lead too but does not run around to the extent that Sasha does. She enjoys taking in the smells which only dogs can take in! What a pleasure it is to have two such lovable dogs around me!

It is always good to hear news of our Cairns – thank you to Sasha and Skye’s family for the update.

Sascha and Skye – update 1st June 2015.
Just to let you all know that Sasha and Skye have gone to their new home and on the usual four week trial period.
It was decided to re-home them together because ‘Skye’ being partially blind and deaf depended on Sasha to be her ‘eyes and ears’ and the new owner is fully aware of their circumstances, we wish them well in their new home.”

Sasha is in the foreground and Skye is in the background on the photo.

Further update 5th July 2015:
They seem very content in their new home and are getting on very well. No aggressive issues.


Kai Found A New Home.

We are very glad to report that Kai did find a new home by the sea with a retired couple. He has been going through his trial period and has been doing very well, so we think he may well have found his forever home. For further information on Kai’s progress, please contact Trustee Chris Hewitt.

Alfie and Molly

Alfie and Molly also have a new home – update 14th April 2015

Alfie and Molly, the 5 1/2 year old Cairns have also gone to a new home in the last day. Trustee Susan Weinberger is very pleased they could go to a home together so quickly. They will also be going through a trial period, but we expect this to go well. Good luck to Alfie and Molly.
For news on their progress contact Trustee Susan Weinberger

Charlie and Lola

Charlie and Lola, two Northern Ireland Cairns have a new home – update 12th April 2015.

We are very pleased to say that Charlie and Lola, two Cairns in Northern Ireland were rehomed quickly to someone who was used to the breed and they seem to have found just the right new owner. They will undergo the usual trial but so far all is looking good. Good luck to this pair.
For further information on their progress contact Trustee Margaret Forbes.


18 month old Holly has been reserved – update 13th March 2015.
Trustee Chris Hewitt is glad to report that Holly has been reserved and will be going to a new home very soon. She will undergo the usual trial period. Thank you to everyone who enquired, and good luck to Holly, fingers crossed she has found her forever home.
For any further details about Holly’s progress, contact Trustee Chris Hewitt.
Update 28th March
Holly the wheaten girl on the right of the photo’s went to her new home last Saturday. She is very happy with her new best friend Grayson, she has settled in very well, her new owners said she is the perfect dog.


Barney has a new home – update 25th February 2015
Barney, 9 year old Cairn boy went to his new home in the country on Sunday where he is having plenty of Barney time. He is now having long walks, home cooked food and has even met some horses; the new owners were not sure if he knew what horses were but he wasn’t a bit perturbed by the experience. Barney will be going through the usual trial period but we are confident and very happy with the way things are going so far.
For any more information on Barney’s progress, contact Trustee Chris Hewitt.

Daisy and Betty

Daisy and Betty have a new home – update 15th February 2015
Daisy and Betty, the litter sisters, have found a home and have gone for their trial period. We are very glad that they have been homed together and wish them well for their future.
Further information on their progress can be obtained from Trustee Chris Roberts by email [email protected]


Polly no longer needs a new home – update 17th February 2015.
We are very happy to hear that the 15 year old Cairn, Polly currently no longer needs a new home. She is being cared for by a neighbour who knows her, which has saved her the trauma of being moved to a home further a field. If there are any problems with her the CTRF will be informed, but hopefully she will settle in her new forever home. Thanks to everyone who offered help and were concerned about her
For further information on Polly’s progress, contact Trustee Anne Weaver email: [email protected]


Sid has found a home – update February 2015.
Sid the 4 year old boy is now officially adopted. He has registered with a new vet and is getting well cared for, and has settled in very well indeed into a new family.


Baxter is in his new home – update February 2015.
Update about BAXTER, the 3 year old wheaten male, is that he is now officially homed. He has stayed with his foster carer who fell in love with him. Baxter has been getting regular training classes which he has loved, and his latest trick is ringing a bell when asked.

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