Our New Homes 2013

Here are the stories of some of the Cairns that CTRF rehomed in 2013:


Harley – update 27th December 2013

Harley, the 8 year old dark brindle Cairn boy, went to a new home on Christmas Eve with a retired couple who are used to a similar dog. He is doing very well indeed, and this is what his new owners say about him:

“Harley is settling in… He has been for two walks each day and is well behaved but he must have been really spoilt previously as he looks for a lot of fuss and he sulks if he doesn’t get his own way. We have left him on his own a couple of times for short periods and he is always pleased to see us come back, although we cannot get him to sleep separate to us at bed time he will not stop making noises until he comes in with us in his basket. Has a lot of typical cairn habits just like our daughter’s cairn used to have. Will keep you updated in a few days.”

Holly and Bracken

Holly and Bracken – update 24th December 2013

Trustee Helen Miller is happy to announce that Bracken and Holly, the mother and daughter pair, have gone to a great new home in Cumbria. Wonderful Christmas present for the new owners.
Pictures: Holly (left) Bracken (right).


Mitzy – update 15th December 2013

We are very happy to report that Mitzy, the wheaten Cairn with the Wallace Kennels ESSEX, has been rehomed on Thursday. CTRF wishes Millie all the best of luck for her future and fingers crossed she is now finally in her forever home.


Alfie – update 10th December 2013

Sussex Trustee Wendy Laker is very happy to say Alfie, the 6 year old wheaten male Cairn has now found a good home.


Tom Is In A New Home – update 8th December 2013

We had great news from the RSPCA that Tom, the dark grey brindle 6 years old boy who was with the RSPCA & was advertised on our website here, was successfully re-homed. Good luck to Tom in his new home!!


Carrie Found A New Home – updated 27th Nov 2013

Carrie found the ideal home with an owner who already has a Cairn and was known to the Trustees as
just the right person for her. She settled in very well and we will have some photos soon.

Nash and Nutella

Nash and Nutella found new homes – updated 16 Nov 2013

We were glad to hear that Nash & Nutella the two Cairns who were with Many Tears Rescue, Carmarthenshire, Wales found new homes. We don’t have any more information and will update when we do, but we are sure they will have found suitable new owners.
Pictures are of Nash (left) and Nutella (right).


Jake Found A New Home – updated 2nd Nov 2013

Jake, the dark brindle Cairn Terrier whose owner had to go into sheltered accommodation, found a lovely new home. His new owner already has a rescue Cairn and they got on very well straight away. Jake’s owner was sad to lose him, but was happy that this has had a good outcome.

This is what his new owner had to say about him on our Facebook page shortly after he was adopted:

“I went to see Jake with his owner and her daughter and introduced Jake to my little cairn Tinker, they hit it off straight away. He is a lovely boy and I took to him as he reminded me of my old Billy ( my previous dog). He has been so good as we had a long journey home. Jake is safe and well and hasn’t stopped playing with Tinker who now has a boyfriend !! He has been so good they both went up the woods this morning and had fun terrorising the squirrels!”

We will no doubt have updates on our Facebook page.


Maisie got rehomed – update 3rd October 2013

Maisie, the dark Cairn Cross girl, found a new owner and she is doing very well in her new home. We had a message from the previous owner today, saying this:

“just to let you know that Maisie has settled in just fine with her family. They are lovely people who are giving Maisie a super home, she is having a wonderful time, its just what she deserves. I thought you might like to update the web page to let everyone know she is a happy little terrier.”


Roo has a home – update 24th September 2013.

Chris Roberts was very pleased to report that Roo, the 10 years old dark brindle boy Cairn went to a new owner and proved to have found his forever home. Thanks to everyone who enquired.


Alfie found a new home – update 19 Sept 2013

We were very glad to get news from the Dog’s Trust when Alfie, the 8 & half year old Cairn who was featured on this website was re-homed by their Salisbury Centre. Good luck to Alfie in your new life!!


7 Month Meg now has a new home – update 14th September 2013

Trustee Anne Weaver sent news that Meg, the seven month old girl Cairn went to her ‘forever home’ with an experienced Cairn owner who is just retired, and who has a bubbly personality to match Meg’s. Now Meg can start to enjoy life being a puppy without dogs or a cat in the home.


Millie is doing great at home – update 25th August 2013

We have great news about Millie, updated by her new owner. This is what she has to say about the newest member of the family:

“Hi, this is Millie (picture right), who has now been with us for three weeks and has settled in lovely. It feels like she has always been with us! She’s a brilliant guard dog and a lot less nervous than she was when she first arrived. We feel so lucky to have her.”


Milo no longer needs a new home – update 14th August 2013

The young Cairn Milo now no longer needs a home, as his current owner has managed to rehome him with a family member, so he can stay close to them. Thank you to everyone who enquired about him.

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill were finally rehomed – update 3rd August 2013.

We were really glad to be informed that Jack and Jill, the Cairn and Jack Russell with the Dog’s Trust in Glasgow, have finally been reserved. We don’t have any further information as yet but will update when we have it. Let’s wish them the best for the future with their new owner.


Tinkerbelle found a new home – update 1st August 2013

Trustee Wendy Laker very happily gave the news that Tinkerbelle the 18 month old Cairn girl has now gone to her new home. Tinkerbelle has been doing very well and has found her forever home. Wendy thanks the many people who responded to the ads for Tinkerbelle. Let’s wish her a brilliant new future.


11 Week Old Cairn puppy is now rehomed – update 1st July 2013

The CTRF Trustees are delighted to report that this puppy was taken in by Trustee Susan Weinberger and first assessed for health issues and has now gone to an excellent new home, a new owner who has had Cairns for many years and is well known to the charity members. We are very pleased this little girl has found her forever home.

Here she is playing with her new “sister”


Fudge has been rehomed – update 24th June 2013

Fudge is a timid Cairn Terrier girl who was an ex breeding bitch with Many Tears Rescue near Carmarthen, Wales. We are really glad to hear from Many Tears that she has now been rehomed and has settled in well with a loving family. This is what her new owners have said:

“Fudge has been with us for just over two weeks and has really grown in confidence. She enjoys a fuss and a stroke and in return gives lovely kisses. She has learnt to relax and has made herself at home. Fudge gets on well with our four dogs and our son’s two dogs and loves to play. She is good with the three cats and tends to ignore them and she has been sleeping next to one of them, at night, on my bed. It took a while to get her to come out for walks, but she now walks with the other dogs, as long as she is at the back. She is still nervous of cars and other pedestrians but she is getting more confident every day. However, Fudge travels well in the car and is not scared. Fudge has met family members and our grandchildren and though nervous at first soon settled down and was happy to be fussed.”
Wishing good luck to Fudge, and a fabulous new life.


Bellarina – update 24th June 2013.

Great news about Bellarina the 6 year old ex breeding Cairn Cross Westie, who was with Many Tears Rescue in Carmarthenshire; she is now fully adopted. Many Tears have told us today that she went to a lovely new home with good owners.


Millie is successfully rehomed – update 15th June 2013.

Trustee Wendy Laker has good news that Millie, the 6 year old brindle girl has done very well in her new home and can now be considered successfully rehomed. We are very pleased and wish Millie and her owners the very best future together.


Rafa has found a new home – update 15th June 2013

Rafa is the Cairn boy who was reported to have had a behaviour issue, but good news is he travelled to Scotland to be with owners who are well experienced and known to CTRF and he has done brilliantly with them, proving to be a lovely dog and with no signs of bad behaviour. Rafa can be considered successfully rehomed. Well done to Trustee Wendy, his new owners … and Rafa.

Josh and Arnold

Josh and Arnold have found new homes – update 15th June 2013

Trustee Anne Weaver is very happy to inform that Josh and Arnold have now each found loving new homes. Anne was confident in both sets of new owners, and this paid off as these boys are doing very well and have found their forever homes.
Any further information about Josh and Arnold can be obtained by email from Anne at [email protected].

Pictures: Arnold is on the left, Josh on the right.

Basil and Daisy

Basil No 1 and Daisy – update 12th June 2013

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to contact the owners of Basil and Daisy, an elderly wheaten Cairn and a Jack Russell, in order to get updates about them. These two are located in Horley, Sussex. We are hoping everything has gone well and they were successfully rehomed. If their owner sees this ad we request that they please contact CTRF Trustee Chris Roberts to update us.


Basil No 2 has now been rehomed – update 4th June 2013

We are very glad to hear that Basil, the Cairn with Many Tears Rescue in Carmarthenshire has now been rehomed. His new owner has owned Cairns all his life and will be updating us soon.


Jock has been rehomed – update 3rd June 2013

We are also really pleased to hear about Jock, the timid scared Cairn who was an ex breeding dog who was taken in by Many Tears Rescue, who has now been rehomed by an experienced long term Cairn owner. The new owner, a lady called Catherine, has been updating CTRF via our Facebook page, and she says this about Jock:

“I think I was sold a puppy with Jock (now known as Rufus). He may have been completely freaked out when we collected him on Saturday afternoon but my goodness what a difference a day makes! He patrols the garden, steals toys from the Jack Russell, barks at passers by, and comes for a fuss and a stroke. He is still a bit jumpy but he’s a lovely boy.”

Catherine also met Fudge while she was there and we have added her comment about Fudge on her own details.


Rosie has found a new home – update 11th May 2013

Trustee Susan Weinberger is very happy to say 3 year old Rosie has now found a home. Rosie is going to well known owners who have kept and loved Cairns for a very long time and she will have the best life possible with them. Susan would like to thank everyone who called and emailed about Rosie.


Wolfie has been rehomed – update 20th April 2013

Trustee Wendy Laker is very pleased that Wolfie found a new home and has been successful during his trial period. Wolfie travelled north to be with a nice young couple who already have a young Cairn girl to keep him company.

Betty and Barney

Betty and Barney Have been rehomed with the Oldies Club – 20th April 2013.

We have had a message from the Oldies Club that the 7 & 8 year old pair Betty and Barney have now been rehomed. We are told they have gone both together to people who are experienced Cairn Terrier owners, which is just great.
Here is a recent picture of Betty and Barney

Hamish and Megan

Hamish and Megan are now rehomed – update 15th March 2013.

Chris Roberts is happy that Megan went to a new home and is still settling in well. Hamish also went to a new home recently and is doing well with his new owners.


Baxter was rehomed – update 12th March 2013.

Good news is that Baxter, the Cairn cross who was with Oakwood Kennels, is now successfully rehomed after going to a new home. His owners are very happy with him and he has settled in very well indeed & having lots of fun.

Mac and Mabel

Mac and Mabel have been rehomed – update 5th March 2013

Mac and Mabel have been doing very well in their new home and are now officially rehomed. This is great news for Mac and Mabel who were rescued from death row from a dog pound that was about to put them to sleep as they were not claimed. They had been found straying, and were cold, wet and bedraggled. When they came to CTRF they were terrified, but now they are doing well and having a happy life with their new owners.


Buster In Sunderland has been rehomed.

We are very happy to say that Buster has been rehomed with an experienced Cairn owner. Buster is the 3-4 year old Cairn cross that was with Cleadon Kennels in Sunderland and was found dumped outside the gates of these kennels. The new owner found out about Buster via the CTRF Facebook page, and then drove 350 miles each way to get him yesterday. Buster has been very well behaved on the journey and is already settling in well at his new home in Surrey.


Alfie has found a new home – update 11th February 2013.

We are pleased to update that Alfie’s owners have informed us they have now found him a suitable home.


Robbie has been rehomed – update 7th February 2013.
Trustee Chris Roberts is delighted to to report that Robbie has now settled in well with his new mum and ‘sister’ and is enjoying life to the full.


Leo is successfully rehomed – update 7th February 2013.

Anne Weaver is very pleased to report that Leo, the 8 year old boy Cairn has completed his trial run and is now very happily settled in with his new owners.


Toby has been successfully rehomed – update 8th January 2013.

Toby the 3 year old red Cairn Terrier boy is going off to a new home very soon. Sheffield Dog Rescue did a home check and it looks like he has an ideal home. We have also heard that the new owners have had Cairns before and love and know the breed well. We look forward to hearing about Toby and that he is doing very well.

Thank you to everyone who responded about Toby via the CTRF Facebook page run by Maggie Machin, – Sheffield Dog Rescue say they had many calls about Toby after he was posted on that page!


Bonnie number one is now rehomed (update 12th January 2013).

Bonnie number one, the 4 1/2 year old girl has been trialling in a home for several weeks. Bonnie and her new owners had a very Happy Christmas and now she is definitely being adopted.


Bonnie number two has also been rehomed (update 8th January 2013).

Chris Roberts has messaged to say Bonnie No. 2, the 10 year old girl, is doing very well and is successfully rehomed with her new family in Dorset. Wishing Bonnie a great future in her new forever home.

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