Apologies re delivery problems with our newsletter (31st October 2017)

Our sincere apologies to all of our members of the �Friends� of the C.T.R.F.

Some of our members newsletters are not being delivered to them as the postage has been underpaid. However they are being left a card by their postie informing them of the problem and asking them to collect their letter from their local Sorting Office, which costs �1.50.

The reason for this is there has been some confusion between the instructions that Wendy (Newsletter Editor) gave and the interpretation of the instructions by the Post Office Staff, which meant that the incorrect postage was sold to Wendy, which unfortunately she didn�t notice.

Wendy ordered stamps to the value of �1.22 for each of the envelopes, but was given Large letter stamps instead at 72p each. Wendy has said it�s her word against the P.O. Staff, so it�s simply not worth pursuing a complaint. Wendy has also offered to reimburse anyone who has had to pay �1.50 to their sorting office, however the Cairn Rescue will sort this out, but you will need to send the receipt from the sorting office please.

Obviously there are going to be quite a few of our members who are unable or don�t want to collect their newsletter from their sorting office, also there will be a number of members who won�t even get a newsletter. In either case can you please contact Wendy on email: [email protected] or private message her on her own FB page and she will send a replacement newsletter.

Chris Roberts.
Secretary and Trustee, CTRF

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