CTRF Newsletter 2020 – can you help?


Can you help our Newsletter Editor please?


John will soon be putting the Friends of CTRF newsletter together.
Here is a list of the kind of articles we would like:

1 – Your stories about your CTRF rescue cairns.
2 – Hints and tips of living with a rescue, poem, recipes, quotes, anecdotes etc
etc etc.
3 -Have you and your rescue overcome a health, training or behaviour problem
and you would like to share it with others?
4 -Does your Cairn do somersaults for a favourite homemade treat that you
make for him?

The Friends of CTRF Year Book is only ever as good as the items that are sent to us. If you have any material you would like us to put in the yearbook then please email John Francis our Newsletter Editor:
[email protected]

Articles and photos to reach John by 31st August **PLEASE SEND ANY PHOTOS AS A .JPG FILE!!**

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