Current Rescue Dogs

Please note that if there are no Cairns currently listed on this page, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any being rescued. Often dogs come in to us very fast and are re-homed immediately to people on our lists.
If we have no current dogs in rescue this page will display a selection of stories and pictures of Cairns who have recently been adopted.
We are also happy to display on this page Cairns who are in the care of other dog rescue organisations. If you wish to use this facility, please get in touch with our Facebook administrator here.

Cairns in Need of a New Home


Update on Ronnie (10th December 2018):
Ronnie has now been reserved.


Ronnie (9th December 2018):

Ronnie is looking for his forever home through no fault of his own. He is currently in Lancashire.

He is 18 months old, neutered, microchipped, house trained, up to date with his vaccinations and got a clean bill of health from the Vet.

He is a lovable little man, very affectionate, well behaved most of the time but does suffer from some separation anxiety. He will therefore need someone who is around most of the time.

Ronnie was an only dog but is living and playing quite happily with the other dogs in his foster home.

Ronnie lacks a few manners and will need training but this should be easy as he is treat orientated.

He pulls quite hard on the lead and can be stubborn if he’s on your chair or bed and doesn’t want to get off.

He has been known to nip but only if handled inappropriately.

Untested with cats.

Please only enquire about Ronnie if you have children 14 or over, are at home most of the time and have experience of living with terriers.

Please contact our Trustee John Francis on:
Telephone: Mobile 07766 168869 or Landline 01257 270079.
Messages can be left on either number.

News of recently rescued Cairns

Barley and Laddie

Update on Barley and Laddie (28.10.18):
Barley and Laddie have gone to their new home on the usual one month trial. We wish them and their new family well.

Barley and Laddie (24.10.18):
Due to their age, CTRF will pay for any veterinary fees that are incurred for Barley and Laddie’s care.
If you feel that you can give these two lovely chaps a happy future please contact: Anne Weaver on:
Telephone: 01285 654782 (Cirencester) or
* Posted 24th October 2018.


Update on Bentley (14th September 2018):
Bentley has now gone to his new home on the usual one month trial. We hope that everything goes well for Bentley and his new family. CTRF would also like to thank all those who expressed an interest in him.
Update on Bentley (8th September 2018):
Bentley is now reserved.
Bentley (30th August 2018):

Type of home needed:

For more information on Bentley please contact Wendy Laker: or
Telephone: 02392 631114.
Bentley is currently in West Sussex
* Posted 30th August 2018.


Update on Ludo (14th September 2018):
Ludo has now gone to his new home on the usual one month trial. We hope that all goes well for Ludo and his new family. CTRF thank all those who expressed an interest in him.
Update on Ludo (30th August 2018):
Ludo has had many enquirers and is now reserved. We thank everyone who expressed an interest in Ludo.
Ludo (27th August 2018):
Ludo is a 6yr old big bouncy dark brindle boy. He’s neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
He would love the company of a lady dog, but think he could be happy with an only male neutered dog. He is house trained and loves car travel. He loves long walks on a long lead so he can get to do lots of sniffing…he does pull on a short lead! He is extremely friendly, exuberant and talkative. Like most terriers, he likes to dig and bark at birds.
Can anyone give him a forever home please? He is living at Cirencester, Gloucester.
Contact Chris Roberts –
Tel: 01283 712498

Some of the Cairns that we have rehomed can be seen on our Facebook page or on the website here.

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