The Cairn Terrier Relief Fund Shop

Closure of CTRF eBay shop

The CTRF eBay shop has raised much needed funds for our charity. Your support has therefore been very much appreciated.

The shop is now closed except for the sale of calendars towards the end of the year. When these become available we will post the information on our Facebook page and on here.

CTRF would like to thank everyone who has supported the CTRF eBay shop over the years.

The CTRF Recipe Book

At long last the C.T.R.F. Recipe Booklet is here.

It has three sections: Savoury recipes, Dessert recipes and last but not least canine recipes, making 29 recipes in total.

It would have been on sale at the Fun Day in September, but as you all know we have had to cancel it and have re-booked for 2022.

Cost is £3.95 per booklet including postage.

How to pay:
Please email Chris with your address & your order (see below )
You can pay by
* Cheque, payable to C.T.R.F.
* PayPal via [email protected]
* Bank transfer, to Mrs C.M. Roberts, sort code 20:15:96 account number 10742538

Please do not use any of the ‘donor’ buttons on our website etc to pay for them, as we have great trouble in working out who has paid what if you pay this way.

If you’re not certain how to pay or you want multiple booklets please email Chris Roberts.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed a recipe. Also thanks to Maggie Machin who designed the beautiful front cover.

2022 CTRF Calendars

Our 2022 CTRF Calendars will be on sale shortly. This space will be updated as soon as they arrive from the printing company.

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