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Cairns That Need Help Today

Any Cairn Terriers immediately below need help today. To find out how to help, either to volunteer help or transport, or if you are considering rehoming a dog yourself, please contact the Trustee indicated. If there are no dogs currently listed on this page, this doesn't mean there aren't any being rescued! Often dogs come in to us very fast and are re-homed immediately to people on our lists. Any dogs below have not yet been suitably matched to prospective owners and need homes or other help n



Cairn Terriers in Need of Rehoming - Can You help?


CTRF currently has two Cairn Terriers in need of rehoming, and there is also another Cairn with The Blind Dog Rescue charity who needs a home.  See details below.


Some recently re-homed dogs that are currently undergoing trials with new owners are kept on display until this period is finalised.  Please note that any dogs featured here & held with other rescue organisations are not the responsibility of CTRF but with the rescue organisation concerned, and are merely advertised here to help Cairns in need.


IN NEED OF A NEW HOME - Sacha & Skye


Sascha is 12 and Skye is 14. They are to be re-homed separately as they are not the best of friends because they have a go at each other, have to be kept separate at times, and so in the long run it will allow them to have a more peaceful life.  This is also the family's wish. They are in Cirencester Gloucestershire.


Sadly Sasha and Skye's current owner has had to go into a nursing home, which means they are both separately looking for a loving home.  They are both affectionate and are spayed.   Unfortunately life has taken a dramatic turn for them, as they are now in Kennels.  Sasha is 12 years old and wants nothing more than someone to love her without cats, she has mixed with grandchildren but has not lived with children.  Skye is 14 years and blind in one eye, she also needs the same type of home as Sasha. If you feel you could give either of these dogs a loving and stable home, please contact Trustee Anne Weaver.


Sasha is in the foreground and Skye is in the background on the photo.


Sascha & Skye


Please ring our C.T.R.F trustee Anne Weaver not after 8pm on 01285 654782 or email anne.weaver1945@gmail.com




Kai Found A New Home!


We are very glad to report that Kai did find a new home by the sea with a retired couple. He has been going through his trial period and has been doing very well, so we think he may well have found his forever home!


Picture of Kai




For further information on Kai's progress, please contact Trustee Chris Hewitt (details via our Trustees page)



Teddy Desperately Needs The Right New Home!!!!


Teddy a blind Cairn Terrier is in need of a new home .....


The Blind Dog Rescue UK have asked if we could share him on their behalf Please if you can offer him a new home, email their address at the end of this post.   Teddy is currently in the Orpington - London area.   He is a blind male Cairn Terrier aged 10-11yrs old.   His owner sadly died, he is being cared for by relatives until a suitable new home can be found.   


He is a friendly boy, he was previously an only dog but is friendly with all other dogs that he meets.  Being an older boy he has low/medium energy levels but still enjoys having his daily walk, and walks well on the lead without pulling.


Currently he is being left for long hours on his own due to the relatives working, and he is coping fine - but a home with someone around for more of the day will be required as he likes companionship.


If you are interested in Teddy, please email bdrukrehoming@yahoo.com


1) Two Northern Ireland Cairns Have A New Home - Update 12th April 2015


We are very pleased to say the two Cairns in Nothern Ireland were rehomed quickly to someone who was used to the breed and they seem to have found just the right new owner. They will undergo the usual trial but so far all is looking good.   Good luck to this pair.


For further information on their progress contact Trustee Margaret Forbes.





2) Alfie And Molly Also Have A New Home - Update 14 April 2015



Alfie and Molly, the 5 1/2 year old Cairns have also gone to a new home in the last day.  Trustee Susan Weinberger is very pleased they could go to a home together so quickly.


They will also be going through a trial period, but we expect this to go well.  Good luck to Alfie and Molly!


For news on their progress contact Trustee Susan Weinberger



18 Month Old Holly Has Been Reserved - Update 13 March 2015


Trustee Chris Hewitt is glad to report that Holly has been reserved and will be going to a new home very soon. She will undergo the usual trial period. Thank you to everyone who enquired, and good luck to Holly, fingers crossed she has found her forever home.


Pictures of Holly








For any further details about Holly's progress, contact Trustee Chris Hewitt.



Barney Has A New Home! - Update 25th February 2015


Barney, 9 year old Cairn boy went to his new home in the country on Sunday where he is having plenty of Barney time.   He is now having long walks, home cooked food and has even met some horses; the new owners were not sure if he knew what horses were but he wasn't a bit perturbed by the experience.  Barney will be going through the usual trial period but we are confident and very happy with the way things are going so far.


Picture of Barney





For any more information on Barney's progress, contact Trustee Chris Hewitt.



Daisy and Betty Have A New Home! - Update 15th February 2015


Daisy and Betty, the litter sisters, have found a home and have gone for their trial period. We are very glad that they have been homed together and wish them well for their future.



Daisy & Betty



Further information on their progress can be obtained from Trustee Chris Roberts by email chrismroberts1@gmail.com




Polly No Longer Needs A New Home - Update 17th February 2015



POLLY - We are very happy to hear that the 15 year old Cairn, Polly currently no longer needs a new home. She is being cared for by a neighbour who knows her,which has saved her the trauma of being moved to a home further a field. If there are any problems with her the CTRF will be informed, but hopefully she will settle in her new forever home. Thanks to everyone who offered help and were concerned about her



For further information on Polly's progress, contact Trustee Anne Weaver email: anne.weaver@virgin.net




Sid Has Found A Home - Update Feb 2015




Sid the 4½ year old boy is now officially adopted. He has registered with a new vet and is getting well cared for, and has settled in very well indeed into a new family.



Baxter Is In His New Home - Update Feb 2015


Update about BAXTER, the 3 year old wheaten male, is that he is now officially homed. He has stayed with his foster carer who fell in love with him. Baxter has been getting regular training classes which he has loved, and his latest trick is ringing a bell when asked.














News From Recent Rescues


Here is some news about dogs who have recently been featured on this page, who have been re-homed.  To view dogs rehomed or helped that were on the website earlier than this, please view our Archives Page, linked at the top of this page.


Arnold Has Gone To A New Home- Update 27th Nov


Arnold, the 15 month old wheaten Cairn boy is now Reserved and will be going on a 4 week trial period from the 6th December.  Best of luck to Arnold!






For further details about Arnold's progress contact Chris Roberts by email chrismroberts1@gmail.com


Millie Has A New Home! - update 22 Nov 2014


4 year old Millie went to a new home several days ago, so all fingers and paws crossed that she has now found her forever home.  She will be on the usual 4 week trial period.


Picture of Millie:




For any further information on Millie's progress, contact Trustee Anne Weaver by email anne.weaver@virgin.net





Millie Moo went to her new home today. She will be living with another cairn which will be good for her and help build her confidence.  Her new owner is an experienced cairn owner so fingers crossed!


Picture of Millie Moo:


Millie Moo


For more information on Millie-Moo's progress, please contact Trustee Anne Weaver(Cirencester) by email at anne.weaver@virgin.net



Chance No Longer Needs A New Home


Thanks to everyone who enquired about Chance, but apologies as he was recently rehomed by the owner without CTRF being told.





Charlie Has A New Home! - Update 20 Oct 2014


News from Trustee Chris Hewitt is Charlie has gone to a lovely new home. She was collected by her new owners yesterday and will have a trial period for a few weeks.  Hopefully all will go well and she will be fully adopted soon, but we expect so as her new owners are in love with her already.


New picture below:




Further detail of her progress can be obtained from Chris Hewitt by email on littleacorncairns@hotmail.com



Toby Has Gone To A Home! - 21st Sept


Great news is Toby is now in a new home! He is on the usual trial period. However his new owner has already officially 'adopted' him as he has settled into his new home so well and is enjoying life with his new 'Cairn brother'.






Sid Is In A New Home - Update 5th Sep 2014


SID the 10 year old Cairn went new home on Thursday.   He will be undergoing the usual four week trial.   A big thank you to Mark and Joan Smith for their help to transport him to his new home.   Good luck to Sid, best wishes thathe is now in his forever home.






For further information on Sid's progress, contact chrismroberts1@gmail.com



Baxter Is Going To A New Home - Update 6 Sept 2014


BAXTER, the 3 year old wheaten Cairn Terrier, has been reserved and will be going to a new home for a trial next weekend.   Fingers crossed everyone that Baxter will be going to his forever home!






For further information on Baxter's progress, contact Trustee Wendy Laker on 02392 631114 or email wendylaker@btinternet.com



Sally Has A Great New Home! -UPDATE


UPDATE on 13 year old Sally who was with Aldridge Rescue went to her new home on Sunday 31st August.

Sally's photo before and after - what a difference! We are told she has settled in wonderfully.... Here is a message from Suzi, her new owner:


" Sally after her first fringe cut!!!! She's a star and for anyone worrying about adopting an "oldie" PLEASE don't!! Yes there will be some heartache for YOU when she/he goes but think how much happiness you can give him/her until then Also there are insurers out there who will take on oldies."





Bob Has Gone To His New Home - Update 5th August 2014


We have heard that Bob has now gone to a new home. We are not sure if his rehoming was via the website or Facebook, or direct to Hilbrae Kennels in Shropshire where he was in rescue, but we are all very glad that he has a new home and at the response from the public.   We wish Bob good luck for his future!!






Olly Is In A New Home! - Update 6th August


Update about 5 year old Olly from Trustee Anne Weaver is Olly went to his new home Sunday 27th July and it is taking awhile for him to settle as he is still quite nervous, but he has very kind and understanding new owners that are willing to persevere with him. So fingers crossed!  He is currently in his trial period for his new home.



Picture of Olly




For further details about Olly, email Trustee Anne Weaver (Cirencester) at anne.weaver@virgin.net



Monty Has A New Home - Update 7th July 2014


Trustee Anne Weaver has great news that Monty is now in a new home in Yorkshire. He will be going through the usual trial period, although Anne says she has a really good feeling about it and Monty is a very lucky dog.




For any further news about Monty's progress please contact Anne Weaver via the contact details on our Trustees page.



Hamish & Suzy Have A New Home - Update 26 June 2014


We are really glad to say that Suzy and Hamish are now with new owners, who are very experienced with terriers & will provide these two with a great new home.   They got on well immediately with the new owners own dogs, a Westie and a Cairn, and although they are undergoing a trial period we are confident all will go very well for these two.   



Hamish & Suzy



Sad News About Brin - Update 19th July 2014


We have a very sad announcement to make....You all fell in love with Brin the blind boy so we are sharing this sad news with you. He touched so many hearts. Thank you Hilary for adopting him and giving him such a loving home in his final months. We know his previous owner Julie got comfort from this, having made a difficult decision to part with him. We are so sorry it ended like this - much too soon.............


Here is Hilary's message:


"Sadly we lost our wee Brin about a week ago. His health suddenly deteriorated, over about a week and sadly the vet and I agreed that it would be kinder to help him to go to sleep. He had neurological issues and/or cancer and he rapidly lost his awareness of where he was, who we were and any quality of life. He spent his time walking in ever decreasing circles and was very distressed at the end. He no longer smelt his food or recognised Ian or I and didn't want to go for a walk. He also had trouble breathing.


" I am so sorry we couldn't have shared this little life a lot longer as he was such a wonderful little chap. He had a lot of fun in his time with us - coming along to shows I was working at, winning several rosettes in fun classes and gathering an army of fans both locally and on Facebook. Everyone is so sad to see him go. However, we comfort ourselves that we gave him a good life in his final weeks.


" As you can imagine I really miss his cheery little face greeting me every day and the house is quiet without him pottering around, bumping around the place. He loved his cuddles and his space on the sofa at night! I hope in time we will help Cairn rescue with another little soul, but for now we will remember Brin so fondly. "


Picture of Brin





Isla & Skye Have Gone To A New Home - Update 15th June


We have good news about the two wheaten Cairn sisters. CTRF Trustee Chris Roberts received this message:


"Isla & Skye have gone to their new home on the usual four week trial period, so hopefully it will be their forever home. Thank you to everyone who shared this on Facebook and to those who responded as prospective new owners for them. The Cairn Terrier Relief Fund is eternally grateful to all of you who are always ready to help us and our Cairns. Thank You xx Chris Roberts "


Cairn Girls




Glisten, Cairn With Many Tears Rescue Is Now Reserved - Update 12th May 2014


Great news - 3 year old Glisten the ex breeding Cairn with Many Tears Rescue in Wales has now been rehomed.  Fingers crossed that her adoption process goes well and that she is about to go to her forever home.  See updates for her via the Many Tears website link below.   




This is what Many Tears Rescue say about her on their website:


Many Tears Rescue with GLISTEN'S DETAILS HERE Many Tears contact details are available HERE



Daisy Went To A New Home - Update 8 May 2014


Trustee Anne Weaver has announced that Daisy has gone to a new home. Anne has a good feeling about this match and we are hoping to hear that she has indeed found her forever home. Good luck to Daisy!


Picture of Daisy


Daisy Belle




Scottie & Alfie Are In A New Home - Updated 5th May 2014


SCOTTIE and ALFIE went to a new home in Kent. Looks like they have now found their forever home. Good luck to Scottie and Alfie!


Scottie & Alfie



Cairn Puppy Hamish Has Just Gone To A Home! - Update 16th April 2014


UPDATE: Good News! The 11 week old puppy mentioned 14th April, now called "Hamish" has now gone to a new home today in Devon.   Good luck to him!  We will provide some pictures as soon as we have them.  



Eric Has Gone To A Home - Update 22 Sept 2014


Eric, adopted in April, has been doing really well in his new home for some time now.  His new owner would like to update you with a new picture.  Here he is:






Freddy Got A New Home - Update 10th April 2014


Update 10th April:- Freddy has gone to a new home today for a 4 week trial. Fingers crossed all goes well for him!! For further info on his progress contact Chris Roberts (details below)


Freddie the 7 years old wheaten boy got a new home.  As soon as we get more updates we will post them here, but we have heard he is doing well!


Pictures of Freddy







7 Year Old Pepe Has A Great New Home - Update 2nd March 2014


Pepe the 7 year old wheaten male has gone to a great new home and is settling in very well.  He is with a long term Cairn owner who has an 11 year old bitch, Pepe has been getting along great with her and they have proven to be great playmates, as they live by the sea they go to the beach every day to play.



Pictures of Pepe






Baxter Got A New Home - Update 26 February 2014


Trustee Wendy Laker has informed that Baxter, the wheaten brindle 2 1/2 year old boy went to a new home with people who were very keen on him & drove a long way to come and see him last night. Will post new news as soon on how he is getting on as we get it.


Picture of Baxter







Taffy Has Gone To A New Home - Update 26 February 2014


Trustee Anne Weaver has great news that Taffy has gone to a new home today with experienced retired cairn rescue owners & a very similar environment to the one he was used to.


Taffy is 10 and half years old, castrated, sadly his elderly owner has died and Taffy has been taken in by a neighbour who has exercised him for the past year. Taffy needs to be the only dog in the home which he has been used to. He can be a little stubborn but has a sweet nature.







Rolo And Danger Mouse - update 26th Feb 2014


Chris Hewitt had an update from the new owner of Rolo and Danger Mouse, who are doing just great. Here is what they had to say:


"Hi Chris,
Sorry I haven't mailed you sooner but I'm too busy these days with my boys!
Danger is fine and is recovering well from his op and getting back to his cheeky little self,we had him microchipped at the same time too.
They have settled in beautifully and already we have a routine which they like.
They love to watch the tv which I find hilarious and love a ball.
We can't wait to take them to the woods with a ball and give them a good run but as you know the weather is against us at the mo so just lead walks till it gets better whenever that will be!!!
I have attached some photos, I hope you like them I'm sure you'll agree with me that they are two adorable dogs. "


We're so glad Rolo and Danger are doing so well.  Here are some new pictures:


Danger & Rolo



Danger & Rolo



Rolo & Danger



Mr Binx - Update 4 February 2014


Mr Binx, the Cairn Terrier cross with Skye Terier, who was rescued by West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, has been rehomed to a great new owner.  We are so happy to hear this news. This is what West Yorkshire Dog Rescue have to say:-


"Mr Binx has been adopted. The foster Lucinda is adopting him, she decided he can’t go anywhere else, she understands him and forgives him all his little behavioural problems. Mr Binx spends most of his time at Pets at Home , he is the store mascot and everyone working there loves him and the customers love him. He has a great life with so much attention. This is because Lucinda works there and always takes him with her to work.


Here he is with his ‘sister’ and best friend."



Mr Binx & friend



Jack Found A Home - update 23 Jan 2014


We are delighted to hear from Second Chance Kennels in Fife, Scotland that Jack, the 9 1/2 year old Cairn has found a great home.


Here is what they say at the kennels:


" Wonderful news for our wee Jack he now has such a lovely mum & dad and has a wee older Westie as his sis. They can't believe how good he is, in fact he slept in their bedroom in his bed on his back with all four feet I'm the air, says how settled he feels They are just such a lovely couple and know the terrier breed well.“


Picture of Jack






Teddy No Longer Needs Rehoming - Update 3rd February 2014


New update for Teddy, the 1 year old girl who has retinal degeneration: after thorough testing, her owners have found she has some other medical problems, so they have decided to keep her rather than rehome. Thank you to everyone who enquired about Teddy and we wish her luck for the future.






Tinks - Update 4th January 2014


Trustee Anne Weaver has informed that the 5 month old girl Tinks now has a home.  She has gone to a family with 4 older children, and is currently undergoing her trial period.  We wish Tinks well and hope this turns out to be her forever home.


For any more information on Tinks' progress contact Trustee Anne Weaver anne.weaver@virgin.net


Recent picture of Tinks below





Millie - Update 3rd January 2014


Trustee Helen Miller has informed that Millie has now gone to a new home. She will be on her trial period for several weeks, and fingers crossed she has now found her forever home.  





Further information on Millie's progress can be obtained from Edinburgh Trustee Helen Miller, contact details via the Trustees page on this website.


Harley - Update 27 December 2013


Harley, the 8 year old dark brindle Cairn boy, went to a new home on Christmas Eve with a retired couple who are used to a similar dog.  He is doing very well indeed, and this is what his new owners say about him:


"Harley is settling in... He has been for two walks each day and is well behaved but he must have been really spoilt previously as he looks for a lot of fuss and he sulks if he doesn't get his own way.  We have left him on his own a couple of times for short periods and he is always pleased to see us come back, although we cannot get him to sleep separate to us at bed time he will not stop making noises until he comes in with us in his basket.  Has a lot of typical cairn habits just like our daughter's cairn used to have.  Will keep you updated in a few days."


Picture of Harley






Holly & Bracken - Update 24 Dec 2013


Trustee Helen Miller is happy to announce that Bracken and Holly, the mother and daughter pair, have gone to a great new home in Cumbria.  Wonderful Christmas present for the new owners!!!













Mitzy - Update 15th December 2013


We are very happy to report that Mitzy, the wheaten Cairn with the Wallace Kennels ESSEX, has been rehomed on Thursday.   CTRF wishes Millie all the best of luck for her future and fingers crossed she is now finally in her forever home.






Alfie - Update 10th December 2013


Sussex Trustee Wendy Laker is very happy to say Alfie, the 6 year old wheaten male Cairn has now found a good home.


Picture of Alfie: