Our New Homes 2018

Here are some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed in 2018.

Here are some of the Cairn Terriers re-homed this current year. We wish them all the best of luck for their futures in their forever homes.


Update on Basil, 15.2.18:

Basil will be going to his new home on Saturday for the usual one month trial.  We hope that all goes well.
CTRF trustees thank all who showed an interest in adopting Basil.

Update on Basil, 13.2.18:

Basil has received a lot of attention and offers of a new home via the CTRF Facebook page.  He is therefore now reserved.
Thank you to all who enquired about Basil.


Basil in need of a new home ( North East )

Basil is a petite Cairn of 17 months old who sadly finds himself looking for a new home.

His owners are heartbroken that they cannot keep him and we must stress that this is in no way a fault of either Basil or his owners and that the CTRF fully support the very difficult decision made to rehome him.

Basil is a well mannered and good natured young gentleman, used to living in a multi dog, multi breed house with dogs of both sexes. He has been living very happily with an older male Cairn.

He is happy and comfortable around children, including those visiting the home, but has not lived with them full time and has not been cat tested. He travels very well and sleeps downstairs in the kitchen in his own bed. He has two meals a day, at breakfast and then early evening and like all Cairns enjoys his treats.

Basil is neutered, chipped, vaccinated and in good health. He loves his walks and is used to wearing a harness both on his walks and in the car. He enjoys being outside having adventures, exploring the world and playing with his ball. His owner says his only vice is enjoying himself so much that he sometimes doesn’t want to come in again when he is called.

Due to Basil’s young age he will need an active household who can commit to continuing his general training and offering him plenty of daily exercise, playtime and cuddles. He would love a new fur sister or brother, if they were active enough to enjoy playing and adventuring together.

If you are interested in adopting Basil, please contact our North East Trustee, Leisa Stokel, to find out more about Basil and our adoption process and to save her from the temptation to adopt Basil herself. Leisa can be contacted by email (leisa.stokel@gmail.com) or by phone (01207 658976 after 6pm).

Posted 13th February 2018


At the beginning of February sweet 12 year old Ellie was in dire need of a new home. It was an urgent situation as she was in danger of being PTS through no fault of her own.

By liaising with another Rescue we got confirmation that we could step in and help her ( thank you Chrissy Angels Marshall It’s great when Rescues can work together).

Our Trustee John drove over to pick her up just in time to save her bless him. She had a visit to the vets where she was given a clean bill of health except for a cataract. An assessment was done and she was re-homed to someone waiting on our Johns list.

After 3 weeks of living in her new home on the usual months trial she has been adopted this week. Her new owners absolutely adore her.

We wish Ellie well in her new home and hope she has many more years of tender loving care to come.




The first photo was taken back then, the other 2 photo’s are in her new home after a grooming session.






* Posted 7th March 2018



Hamish was 2 years old when he came into rescue, sadly his previous owners special needs child didn’t bond with him, this made it very difficult for the family to continue to keep him, especially as their cats didn’t bond with him either to the extent as a puppy one of them scratched his eye so badly he had to have the eye removed. The family loved him so much and knew it was the right thing to rehome him even though it broke their heart. Knowing that we have experience in finding the right home for the best little pal in the world they rang the CTRF now he is with a loving family.
See below.

“Since this little chappie came to live with us life is full of love and laughter again
Hamish is a 2yr old full of life bouncy little Grey Brindle. . He loves to play especially ball.
Since he arrived we’ve had a little man sitting, lying, sleeping with us and giving us love and affection
We take him to the local park near the beach and he loves meeting other dogs.
He has been so good with our grandchildren, mum (90!) who loves him to bits and our friends who have animals and insist he visits with us
The snow hasn’t stopped him! He charges round the garden. (Warm towelled after!!)

He is such a lovely little boy. We love him so much
Our house is home again

Thank you Chris Hewitt and CTRF,

Maggie & Jeff “






* Posted 6th March 2018


Jack – update 3rd February 2018:

Jack was advertised, and rehomed via the CTRF Facebook page:

Great news! Jack is on his way to his new home where he will live with his new ‘sister’ Foxy .She will show him the ropes. Have a happy new life Jack.  The photographs opposite are of Jack, part way on the journey to his new home. We advertised him a few days ago on Facebook, thank you for all your shares, offers and comments, you make all the difference.  A special thank you to Dexter Junior Barney ( Chrissie & Dave ) for transporting him and taking his photo.

Here is his story:

29th January – 10 year old Jack (d.o.b. 12th July 2007) was looking for a new home, as his elderly owner could no longer take care of him.
– Jack was diagnosed with diabetes in June 2017 and treated with insulin injections (9 units twice each day). His his condition is stable at present.
– He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He has also had his coat trimmed, which is red in colour.
– He is house trained/lead trained and is good with other dogs, but has never lived with a cat.
– His diabetes is under control, but his sight is beginning to fade.

This little old man needed a comfortable home and caring owners to look after him for the remainder of his life.
CTRF are paying for his medication for the rest of his life, so when he goes to his new home, they won’t have to worry about vets bills for his condition.
Jack lived in Benington, Hertfordshire.

* Posted February 2018


CTRF is always very happy to receive news of the Cairns that have been rehomed.  Doris’s mum recently wrote to us to give an update on her progress and we just had to share the story.

Doris went to her new home during autumn of last year. She wasn’t advertised as our secretary and trustee, Chris Roberts already had a waiting list.

“We fostered then adopted Doris with the help of Chris Roberts to whom we are so grateful for her help and encouragement. We picked Doris up in early October she was only 8 and a half months old. She wasn’t toilet trained, ate rubbish if she could, she was frightened of everything and everybody.

Doris has settled well and is loved by us and everyone that meets her. Her confidence has grown so much She is completely different to the dog we brought home. She has just completed her 6 week puppy foundation course which gave her lots of socialization with other puppies and people. We both enjoyed the course and hope to do more when there is a space we are in the waiting list.

It is Doris’s first birthday on Sunday and my Granddaughter age 5 is planning a party for her. Doris is still a bit stubborn on her lead but loves the opportunity to run and play ball in the safe fields near us with the other dogs. We have taken her to the beach, National Trust properties, Westonbirt Arboretum. She just loves being with us.

In a few months she will come with us for her first of many holidays in our static caravan in Devon. She is our first Cairn we have always had Westies before. She has definitely filled the gap left by our Westie who died in July. Our home is now Doris’s forever home.”

We thank Doris’s new family for giving her a new start in life and wish all of them well for their future together.

Posted 27th January 2018



Flossie – Update 26th January 2018

Flossie needed a new home through no fault of her own. She went to her new home on the usual 4 week trial last week but has been adopted already. She wasn’t advertised, she went to someone on our wait list who was a suitable match.

Her new owners say:
‘Firstly I’d like to thank John the CTRF Trustee for helping Flossie when she needed a new home and choosing us. Secondly the Cairn Terrier Rescue for starting the ball rolling for us . In a little under a week we could not imagine not having her .Thanks ever so much for all your hard work. She’s a Daddy’s girl, my partner doesn’t get a look in if I’m around.’

CTRF thank Flossie’s new family for providing a loving home and for updating us on our Facebook page and website.

Posted 26th January 2018


Max’s Gotcha Day:

Max is a Cairn Terrier who was adopted via CTRF last year. His new owner has sent us this report on the anniversary of Max’s ‘Gotcha Day’:

“Happy gotcha day to my Max. We picked him up a year ago from one of your fosterers. He is a lovely little cairn (think crossed with other things!) and is up for anything we’ve dabbled in and kept up with some….

– Obedience
– Agility
– Scentwork
– Cani-cross

Who knows what’s next?”

We thank Max’s owner for giving him a wonderful new home and for updating us with his progress.

Posted 22nd January 2018