Current Rescue Dogs

Please note that if there are no Cairns currently listed on this page, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any being rescued. Often dogs come in to us very fast and are re-homed immediately to people on our lists.

If we have no current dogs in rescue this page will display a selection of stories and pictures of Cairns who have recently been adopted.

We are also happy to display on this page Cairns who are in the care of other dog rescue organisations. If you wish to use this facility, please get in touch with our Facebook administrator here.

Cairns in Need of a New Home


Benji is a ten year old Cairn who is currently in Scotland. He is microchipped,  neutered and appears in good health apart from being overweight. He lived with his singe male owner who was away a lot so Benji has spent a lot of his time in a crate, getting out in the morning and at night. He escaped recently and apparently nipped a young child (no police involvement or hospitalisation). The owner wanted him put to sleep as he didn’t have time for him, but was persuaded to let Benji go to a foster home, where he is living at the moment.

The fosterer cannot keep him long term as she has other dogs. She says he has been left to do what he wants and now frequently hides in his crate for security. He is food and toy protective. He is quite vocal and responds well to a happy, high pitched smiley voice. Despite being overweight, Benji loves to get out walking. He is gradually responding to being petted.

Type of home needed:
Benji needs an understanding home with somebody prepared to take things at his pace and help him adjust. Because of the nipping incident he must be in a home where there are no children or visiting children. We think he would be OK with another dog.

If you think you have the time and patience to care for him please contact our Scottish Trustee, Helen Miller:
Email: in the first instance.

* Posted 6th August 2018.

News of recently rescued Cairns

Zoe and Ebbie

Update on Zoe and Ebbie (9th July 2018):

Zoe and Ebbie have gone to their new home on the usual one month trial.


Zoe and Ebbie (5th July 2018):

Zoe and Ebbie are in the South of England. They are aged 14 & 16 and yet again, through no fault of their own are in need a new home. They have out lived two sets of owners and we thought they had found their forever home (last year) but sadly their lovely new owner has had a major change of circumstances.

Would someone please give this loving pair a home to see out the rest of their days, I know people don’t normal like to go through the heart ache of losing a much loved pet, but putting feelings aside and thinking of the welfare of the dogs, you will get a huge reward in love and gratitude from this lovely pair.

They both still go for walks and enjoy their food and love company.

Vets bills will be paid for by the CTRF.

If you feel you could be the forever home for this pair, please telephone Chris Hewitt on:
01688 828788 (Not before 9am or after 9pm) or


Here are a few words from the owner……
“Zoe is much trimmer then she was, both eating and drinking well. They love walkies—but not too far in this heat. Ebby loves playing ball, Zoe has no interest whatsoever! They are great with the children and love having a good sniff (etc) with other dogs, no socialising issues. They are really perfect little Cairns, sweet and don’t expect anything—but live in hope of the odd treat biscuit and a good tickle. They really are lovely.”

* Posted  5th July 2018.

Some of the Cairns that we have rehomed can be seen on our Facebook page or on the website here.

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