Current Rescue Dogs

Please note that if there are no Cairns currently listed on this page, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any being rescued. Often dogs come in to us very fast and are re-homed immediately to people on our lists.

If we have no current dogs in rescue this page will display a selection of stories and pictures of Cairns who have recently been adopted.

We are also happy to display on this page Cairns who are in the care of other dog rescue organisations. If you wish to use this facility, please get in touch with our Facebook administrator here.

Cairns in Need of a New Home

Kita (Many Tears Rescue)

16th June *RESERVED*

Kita is a Cairn Terrier who is in need of a new home. She is with Many Tears Rescue and details can be found on their website:

Click here for Kita.

News of recently rescued Cairns


Update on Marty (1st June 2018):

Marty has gone to live with Katie and Angus who have adopted several of our ‘wonky’ ( Katie’s description ) CTRF Cairns.

The top two photographs to the right have been sent by Katie. Good luck Marty and have a happy life.

Here is Katie’s announcement –

“It’s with great excitement,that the Park Neuk Pack welcome their newest and youngest “wonky” CTRF adoptee. His name is Marty and he’s already had 2 homes. We are hoping it’s third time lucky and that Marty enjoys a “fur ever” home in Moray with us all. Here are a few pictures that show he’s already made himself quite at home ! He will help take our minds off our recent sad loss of dear old Tufty and definitely keep us fit as he loves his long forest walks.”

* Posted 1st June 2018.


Update on Marty (26th May 2018):

Marty has now been reserved. He is going to his new home on the usual trial basis.


Marty (14th May 2018):

4 year old Marty is presently in Scotland, in rural Aberdeenshire & is in need of a new home.
The description below is in his owner’s words ….

“Marty is a four and a half year old male neutered dog. He is friendly, house and crate trained…in fact he likes his box very much.
He eats all dog food, albeit in two sittings, enjoys his bedtime dental stick and as many dog biscuits you would wish to give him during the day.
He appears not to know his name, but does understand a few basic commands e.g. in, sit, lead on, lead off.

He can walk in control on a lead, but only in his own the garden. When he leaves his own space, he goes berserk at everything, so much so that he is not able to be exercised outside his own garden.

He is an extremely high energy, over reactive dog. He barks at all noises and movements, even aircraft flying overhead at 36000ft. He has to be permanently supervised when he is loose in the garden, otherwise neighbours complain. He lives in a house with a large garden and is usually exercised on a long Flexi lead.

He does share a house with four other dogs, unfortunately he has not integrated with them at all. He does not know how to behave with them and they sense he is ‘different’. There is no aggression, but his constant barking upsets them.

His relentless barking has caused considerable problems, everything has been tried and everything has failed to help Marty address his barking problem. Interesting though Marty rarely barks during the night, the same noises that trigger him off during the day seem not to after bedtime. He travels well in the car, though in a crate and he can do very short journeys on a passenger’s lap.

Marty is not allowed free reign of the house, he is confined to kitchen/breakfast room at his present home, that is because Marty does not understand reasonable behaviour. The slightest outside noise will have him throwing himself at walls and running out of control over furniture etc.”

Due to his current owners change of circumstances, Marty needs to be rehomed. He will need a very tolerant and special new owner. Ideally, he needs to live in a quiet environment with as little stimulus as possible. He will need a properly secured fenced garden with all vigilance to gates and doors.

We don’t know if Marty is good with children, but honestly believe he would not harm any child intentionally. He has not been kennelled successfully to date…barking and does not like being handled, though when it suits him he will come and sit beside you.

Hopefully, there is that special new owner and home for Marty. Marty is not a bad dog, actually he has a very nice nature, but he just does not understand that relentless barking and his inability to go anywhere is the cause of all his problems. Fingers crossed his next home will be able to help him more.

His owner is willing to keep him as long as necessary and is happy to chat to any prospective owner but in the first instance enquiries need to go to our CTRF Trustee Helen Miller
by email ( ) or phone ( 0131 449 4470 )

* Posted 14th May 2018.

Some of the Cairns that we have rehomed can be seen on our Facebook page or on the website here.

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