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How Can You Help?

You can help the CTRF by becoming a “Friend” of the Charity, with donations and through voluntary work. Download the application form via the link on this page to become a Friend.

To become a Friend we ask a small membership fee of just £5 a year and for this you receive an annual newsletter with an update of the CTRF activities, together with stories, events and other items of interest.

•   A Friend may simply support the charity in this way by being a member, although others may wish to give further assistance either by offering a further donation or by choosing to do extra activities to assist Cairns in need, or by becoming a Volunteer Helper.

A Volunteer Helper can assist Cairn rescue dogs & their owners in whatever capacity he or she is willing and able, and in a variety of ways.

•   Volunteer Helpers may be able to help in collecting rescued Cairns or short-term boarding, or in assisting to transport dogs in need of rescue to a Trustee.

 •   Other Volunteers are able to assist by helping the elderly, ill or disabled Cairn owners to walk or care for their dogs, offer practical help with dog walking, grooming, vet visits or even temporary boarding while the owner is in hospital.   These actions allow such people to continue to enjoy the invaluable warm companionship their Cairn provides, & without such help they would not be able to keep a pet.

•   Some Volunteers help Trustees raise funds at “Cairn Fun Days” and fund raising events, or do other volunteer actions to help the charity, by running stalls, help with catering, & experienced members run dog agility & fun dog competitions or dog grooming demonstrations.

Anyone wishing to become a Friend can join by downloading and completing a form and sending it to the Membership Secretary indicated on this form.

Download Enrolment Form Here

Please tick the box indicated if you wish to volunteer further help or services or are willing to assist in transporting rescue Cairns or give short term boarding. If you wish to discuss further assisting the CTRF please write to The Secretary at the address on the Contact Us page, or contact your nearest Trustee, as listed on the Trustees page.

If you are already a member you can renew/ pay your annual subscription of £5 by sending a cheque to Jane Metcalf Sault, 4 Cort Drive, Burntwood, Staffs WS7 9LW  – making the cheque payable  to ‘Friends of  the CTRF” or directly through PayPal to adding your name & address in the comments field.

Your Donations To CTRF: What They Buy

The CTRF very much relies on donations to fund the cost to rescue & care for Cairn Terriers in need.  These funds are crucial to the rescue work & make our actions possible

 The CTRF Trustees ultimately have a dream to eventually be able to afford the establishment of a sanctuary & rescue centre designated to Cairn Terriers, so there is a central point where the dogs can be cared for and re-homed after rescue, and also where elderly Cairns or others that cannot be re-homed can stay.

Your donations currently provide help for rescued Cairns, their veterinary treatment, boarding and transport to care, however we also hope eventually to accumulate enough resources to fund such a sanctuary & make the dream a reality

Members of the public or Friends who wish to make a donation may do so by sending a cheque or postal order to The Secretary, or by using the Paypal link at the bottom of this page.


Cairn Terrier Relief Fund is a registered Charity Number 803599. We depend on your goodwill and support to keep the momentum going and ensure that all our rescue dogs are rehomed.

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