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About CTRF – Cairn Terrier Relief Fund

What Is the CTRF?

The Cairn Terrier Relief Fund is a registered charity established in 1969 by a dedicated group of breed exhibiters, which aims to assist Cairn Terriers that have been abandoned, maltreated or are in any other state of distress.  CTRF also takes care of dogs whose owners can no longer care for their pet due to illness or misfortune.

The Trustees make arrangements for their adoption in such conditions and to promote and encourage the better care of Cairn Terriers. Being totally voluntary the charity relies on donations and bequests and appeals for any help to continue our work.

Our ultimate aim is to own & run a sanctuary, where the old, sick and less fortunate Cairns, that are virtually impossible to re-home can receive the special care they need where they can live out the rest of their days in a comfortable and loving environment

Our Founder Bessie Dewhurst.

 Our History

The Inaugural Meeting for the Cairn Terrier Relief Fund was held during the Cairn Terrier Association Championship Show held at Dursley, Gloucestershire on 29 March 1969.

Before the judging took place Mrs Bessie Shea assisted by Mrs Phyl. Hayward and Mrs Bessie Dewhurst organised the first official stall selling homemade jam etc.

Fundraising had been going on prior to this event for approximately 18 months as concern had been expressed by a number of Cairn Terrier breeders that with the increase of dealers in the northwest and the presence of some dubious breeders after-sales welfare could be lacking.

Bessie decided that action should be taken and with the assistance of a few Cairn breeders she set up the Cairn Terrier Relief Fund.

Cairn Terrier Rescue Today

Today the Trustees of the CTRF all work as volunteers together with members and Friends who kindly foster Cairn Terriers in need until they can be re-homed.  Rescue Cairns are given care and any needed medical treatment. Foster carers are vetted for suitability, as are potential new owners to ensure the rescue Cairns get the best possible care.  After adoption, the CTRF keeps a tab on dogs to ensure all is well, and ensures Cairns may not to be re-homed again without consent of the Fund.

To find out how to help the CTRF, or to become a member, please visit our Friends page here or alternatively you can make a donation to the charity


Cairn Terrier Relief Fund is a registered Charity Number 803599. We depend on your goodwill and support to keep the momentum going and ensure that all our rescue dogs are rehomed.

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